Friday, August 15, 2008

fairly proud of this outfit

So I'm actually fairly proud of this ensemble. I hadn't really planned on modeling, but I was playing with the light for a different photoshoot & wanted to see how movement of hair came out - pretty damn good.

Anyways, so I love suspenders with simple outfits & I was finally able to break out the plaid $5 jacket from H&M because I was finally wearing something plain. Now I just need suspenders that fit. Yeah, those are working for me thanks to safety pins, but in the back the criss-cross is between my shoulder blades. stretchy.

In other news I cannot wait for fall. No, not because of uniforms (die), but because I can finally break out the jackets & blazers, cozy hats, and -drum roll- my new Steve Madden riding boots! They are very similar to wearing a dead cow strapped around your feet, but are absolutely gorgeous & were on sale....oh plus, the size 6 fit my size 4 feet wonderfully. =D


Bianca said...

Very nice!
You've got some cool style.

Georgie said...

I think u look awesome. Love the hair. Great colour.

Maeve said...

love the blazer. you mix the clothes so well.