Sunday, March 29, 2009

there's more than light in your eyes

Spring break is here, but I'm still waiting for spring to arrive. On the bright side, I'm off to the zoo with my sister (on Wednesday or Thursday, I think) and perhaps an art exhibit at the Walker Art Museum. Very, very excited. Other than that, I'm just hanging at home painting or spending time with old friends.

I think I'll be watching Brothers of the Head tonight. Has anyone seen it? Looks very strange, but I've heard good things about it. The other day I picked up the new Delay's CD, Everything's the Rush. Okay, so it came out a year ago, but it's new to me. And it is so incredibly good. I'd forgotten how brilliant of songwriters they are. Greg doesn't sing in such a falsetto anymore though.

Ah! This outfit. I found this sweater in my mum's closet a few weeks ago & finally had to chance to wear it. It's very odd, because this sweater used to be my father's. And it really isn't that big. Apparently my father used to be the size of Eric Forman when he was younger. Or Topo Gigio. It's very scratchy, has a stain on the collar, and therefore has the makings of the perfect '70s sweater.

edit: There seems to be great confusion about the creature on my sweater. It is a polar bear (fangs). A lot of people at school thought it was a giant gopher, someone commented thinking it was a tiger. But no, it is a polar bear. Sorry for that confusion.


Isabel said...

Oooh, Brothers of the Head. Never seen it, but its about siamese twin punk rockers, I believe. Which sounds pretty cool to me. Love the sweater!

carolyn said...

aaaah awesome sweater!! haha if that is a gopher it is even more awesome. The zoo is one of my favorite places EVER to visit- hope u have fun there!ver

Emma said...

Hey I love your blog and you have amazing style. I couldn't find your email any where and I was wondering if you could send me an invite to lookbook?
I've seen all of your looks on there and its my favourite website to go on. I'm having a hard time getting an email back from them so if you could send me an invite that would be awesome :)



Amelia said...

I love the sweater! I know--it's so strange to imagine fathers being much, much smaller than they are now. I stole a bunch of belts that my dad doesn't wear anymore and they fit me perfectly, so it's hard to imagine them ever fitting him, given his current waist size.

Miss Woo said...

Love the sweater! and I was oddly weirded out when I saw Brothers of the Head, not because of the siamese twins thing, but because the two lead actors looks so freakishly like my ex flatmate..

Cassiopeia said...

Oh wow, love love the sweater... great photo too!


The Clothes Horse said...

That sweater is rad.
Have a great spring break--museums and zoos are the way to go! :)

Madeline said...

i really really like your tiger sweater!!

HaleyScott said...

You're wise beyond your years, darling.
Follow my new fashion/media blog.
You'd be a great asset.


Kelly said...

whoa, that is a cool sweater!
i wish my dad still had all his old mom made him get rid of them years ago...
so much good plaid gone to waste.

I.M.O.W and The City said...

sweater is adorable!
want! lol..