Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Morton salt girl

It's finally getting spring-y! Rain and gloom, my only favourite things about spring. Still cold, though. I wore this outfit for only a couple of hours, felt like the Morton salt girl, and then decided to watch TV. So I changed into something more comfortable (aka skinnys, an old rugby shirt, a bright green stocking cap, and socks).

But oh how I was so excited to finally wear this coat. I got it last fall at my neighbour's estate sale. She was off to a nursing home (where she later died, just this past January), so I scurried over to the sale & picked up a ton of sweaters and coats for $6 a piece. Very nice. This is London Fog. It has nice, huge pockets & a lovely collar (while still managing to have a hood). The skirt was sent to me by some girl I do not know. It is handmade & has the cutest little flowers on it. The shoes are Oxford pumps. They're much too big for my tiny feet. And did not photograph well. I got my haircut, too. This photo makes it look very strange, however.

I began watching Skins today. Yeah, I know, I'm like 3 years behind everyone else. It finally came to DVD in the US & looked quite intriguing. It's always being compared to Gossip Girl here, but honestly, it's so so so much better. And a ton more realistic. And deep. Just all around better. Cannot wait to finish that off. I think it might be my new TV obsession (which, as of late, has been America's Next Top Model).

Speaking of America's Next Top Model, did you all hear Celia (Cecilia?) last week. Damn, she got told. Tyra was angry. I'm glad that Fo & Allison are still in, though. Allison is too dang adorable. And on that note, I am off to shower & watch a movie.


She comes from a nowhere town she likes said...

Hurruh! Skins! It's amazing! The yellow is amazing...like a banana in a really good way.

Flashes of Style said...

this jacket is so amazing! I love it :)

Kelly said...

ah! great coat! bright yellow is just amazing! and from what i can tell your hair looks nice.

dapper kid said...

That coat is so fabulous!!! And ahhh, I remember Skins, so amazing :)

Jess said...

Wow love that coat, really great find. Skins is nothing like gossip girl hehe that makes me laugh. The first series is the best, so enjoy!

Just stumbled across your blog & I must say it is rather lovely ^_^