Saturday, October 11, 2008

my room hasn't changed much...

shirt - heritage 1981, skinnys - pac sun, suspenders - ???, riding boots - steve madden

My friend & I were supposed to go thrifting today, though she isn't answering her phone. Blah. However, we have a break in school coming up in a few days & I'm going shopping to the Mall of America with my mum. I'm also going to try to persuade some friends to go vintage shopping with me to all the little clothes stores along University Avenue.

I'm in this horrible little class at school called "French Culture" which is supposed to be about the French & their culture. So far I've learned nothing of substance. However, we spent the last two days learning about french cheese. I honestly never knew there were so many rules about cheese making & eating & cutting. I spent most of my time learning about Brie. The reading mentioned something about having a "cheese party" with friends, so now my friend Nathan & I have plans for a cheese party. Including berets, Orangina, and croissants. We're very excited.


Miss Woo said...

You look v. nonchalant in the outfit, love the braces. And cheese party does sound very exciting..yum..

hazel said...

is your blog new?
i adore your lookbook picture (header picture)

anyone who wears plaid and suspenders is bound to catch my eye.

Anonymous said...

Suspenders suit you very much!