Friday, June 12, 2009

Batman, Revisited

Kids grow up way too fast. It's funny, because when you're little you just want to be older. And when you're older, you just want to be young. In reality, your childhood lasts a much shorter time than your adult life does, so why rush through childhood? This is coming from some bully on the playground the other day, while I was babysitting. The two kids I babysit (the girl is in 2nd grade, the boy in 4th) wanted to play Cops & Robbers. They had been playing Sandman with these two other boys around their age, but then an older boy showed up & they quit playing to hang with him. So the two kids went and asked the group if they wanted to play Cops & Robbers. And the older boy poked fun at them and they said something to the boy I babysit. I didn't catch what the kid said, but the younger boy asked him what it meant and he was told to say that to his mother and see how she reacted. I figured it was inappropriate so I went and told the older kid off and told him to stop bullying kids. It's really pathetic how cool some kids think they are....
Anyways, enough of that. My high school had its first graduating class graduate last Wednesday! My high school is very new (created only 3 years ago), and our senior class had dropped from 28 to 8 students. Wow, I know. But I went to their graduation ceremony & this (the above photo) is what I wore. Does the sweater & the setting look familiar? It should. But the skirt is new (from Urban Outfitters). The flats are Steve Madden and are my first pair of flats I've ever owned (that I'm aware of). I bought them in 3 years ago! Now they're a bit too small and I'm afraid they're going to break when I wear them. I really like wearing sweaters with high waisted skirts, it reminds me of Dana Wynter in Invasion of the Body Snatchers (because there's one scene in that movie where she wears such an outfit). I wore this skirt to school and everyone was like "Is your skirt high enough?" and they all made fun of me for it. What a bunch of idiots. High waisted skirts are much more flattering (& classy) than whatever scrap of fabric they purchase from Hollister and call a skirt.


Emma said...

I totally agree with everything you've said.....especially the high waisted skirt thing...high waisted skirts are where its at


Isabel said...

I commented on this on Lookbook already but seriously, I love this outfit! You have amazing style. And it can't hurt that I love Batman. Especially the old Adam West tv show.

The Magic Doll said...

The people who go to your school sound a bit shit, not only bullies but they make completely stupid comments about a perfectly good outfit. Maybe they should just go live in Banana Republic or something.

shoshi said...

This is such a cute outfit. And I hate people like that...when that happens I just laugh at them and wear something even crazier the next time.
I love your blog :) Would you like to exchange links?

Andie said...

love your shirt! and youre so right, im 14, and all my friends want to grow up already, which is totally bogus because i love being a kid (14 still counts as a kid right, if not, whatever i can still play tag and noone will think im weird)... GO BATMAN!!