Sunday, June 13, 2010

flapper inspiration

Mabel Normand in an ankle length lace dress, pendant necklace, and headscarf.
Modcloth dresses

Billie Dove and friends. I love the mixture of fashions here. Billie looks sort of pirate-y, while the girl on the right has a flower child (50 years early) look to her, and the girl on the left has a beachy princess style going on.
Gwen Lee and a giant dog, looking cas.
Dress from Modcloth. I love the drop waist and the layers of fabric at the bottom. It reminds me of a tennis dress, but it is also a bit mermaid-ish. The jersey material makes it very casual. It looks great for layering.
Lace and tulle dress from Urban Outfitters. Also with a drop waist, similar to the above dress but much more dressy and romantic.
Alice Prin, aka Kiki de Montparnasse.


Mel said...

Lovely inspiration! I adore the 1920s and am currently quite inspired by the era. I love that Billie Dove picture, they all look so lovely! I especially love the first two Modcloth dresses!

Robyn said...

Amazing! People back then had such an elegant beauty about them, so different that what we usually see now a days~


tess said...

you can never have enough flapper dresses I find

Laura MW said...

Those old black&white photographs are so friggin amazing! Love the inspiration.


catarina said...

Inspiring! I probably need to look for some of those, but where?! Sad place i live in.