Thursday, September 19, 2013

White Crow

Hmmm I can already tell that autumn is just around the corner! My favourite time of year - Minnesota is beautiful. Crisp and cool, with winds that blow your hair everywhere and beautiful sunsets, the days getting shorter and shorter. And, sweater weather! I was excited when I came home to a package from the folks over at White Crow and found this totally lush sweater waiting for me. I was able to wear it right away thanks to the beautiful weather and yeah - LOVE IT. The jewels around the neckline, the boxy structure, and the high-low front and back. Can't wait to show it off more this autumn!
White Crow is a new line that's just launching. I love their look already - edgy, contemporary, and that great mixture of grime and glitz. I already look forward to seeing more from them!
I paired the new sweater with these sweet ass holographic leggings from Thrifted & Modern via Chictopia. I am obsessed with them. And anything holographic. I want to wear holograms from head to toe some day. Swear I will.
I'm also wearing my go-to saddle shoes and my faux leather jacket from H&M. My sister has been harassing me about this jacket lately. I think I'm going to have to start hiding it whenever she's over, otherwise one of these days she'll take it with her. And she's moving to Arizona, so I may never see it again! (Sidenote: If you're moving to Arizona, in what occasion would you want or need to wear a stuffy black leather jacket?? Enter: My Sister.)
Three days a week I wear business clothes and starting in November, I'll have to be dressed business casual 5 days a week. What a bummer! I'm trying to use these last remaining days to get all that grunge out of my system. I've been buying tons of dressy/chic clothes and trying to still dress a tad wacky everyday regardless. I wonder if I could get away with wearing holographic print to the office? Maybe in a blazer...? Hmm, something new to think about! I went to Nordstrom and raided their petites section, so keep your eyes peeled for some more "professional" outfits coming your way. And rants about dry cleaning bills. What a drag! Welcome to my future. And your future, if you choose to keep reading this blog. (Which I highly recommend you do. And tell your friends about it, too.)
One of my internships requires me working in the courts. I'm trying to get all my court lingo down and start thinking like a lawyer/detective, so I've been bingeing on Law & Order with my cat. I think it's time to settle down for the evening to start watching again. (Hey, I'm sick, give me a break.) Keep cool my friends and again, thanks to White Crow for the beautiful sweater. Keep your eyeballs peeled for this brand & more great stuff to come!


Milex said...

You're on fire!

Laura Whitman said...

You look so awesome! I really love your sweater with the great collar!


Jamie Rose said...

Oh man I'm definitely not looking forward to professional clothes. I kind of was at one point but then I realized it won't be any fun. I want to wear fun clothes! Maybe I'll figure out a way to not be boring at an office. I can only hope. I'm sure you will too! We're young after all!

Also those holographic leggings are awesome. I've been loving everything holographic lately. It makes me feel like Zenon. Your sweater looks so comfy and cute too.

Charlotte said...

I absolutely adore the neck of the jumper! Looks great with the holographic leggings!

jessthetics said...

Your jumper is beautiful, but my favourite poart of this is your holographic leggings, they're awesome! I definitely think you should work some holographic items into your work wardrobe! I also really love your hair like this :) xx

MsNotWeirdAtAll said...

Love your hair! :) I think that business clothes can also be fun, you just have to get creative with it. :)

Rachel Haes said...

omg im dying bc of the leggings!!!

cleartheway said...

Love the sweater! So comfy looking.

Kate from Clear the Way

Jelly Gamat said...

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Anonymous said...

The sweater and holograph leggings look great together, but the saddle shoes look out of place. Just my opinion, but you look lovely as always.

Yuna van Vengeance. said...

I like that outfit. :)) Especially the pants. :))