Monday, October 26, 2009

La Romance D'Automne

I finally got out The weather finally let up long enough to let me get outside & take some photos in the autumn weather. I'm in love with autumn, for the colours and the crisp coolness. Unfortunately, all we've had is cold rain & snow, and so the leaves have barely changed colours but yet have still fallen. Everything is soggy. Not the ideal autumn, but at least it's here.
Although I look like some sad, lonely hipster, I am not. My face just naturally falls like that (sad & lonely looking).

I wore this outfit to this outdoor school event called "Falloween." Basically you just roll around in the grass, eating food, playing football/frisbee, doing whatever else you want. Those shoes are new, and also now my favourites. I got them from this vintage extraveganza called "Sophie Joe's." I also got a pair of winklepicker-like shoes with nice buckles. Anyways, these wedge boots are by Donald J Pliner and are apparently worth $200. Either that or I am extremely gullible/the sales lady was very convincing.
Hmmm, Halloween is on Saturday. It's my least favourite holiday for multiple reasons, so I never get really into it. This year, I have no idea who/what to be. Any ideas? I really need some help! My friends and I are going to some suburban house (that my friend lives in - it isn't just some random place) and watching "The Uninvited." According to my friend Nora, it is a fright fest.
So, I have Czech homework/History homework/an entire roll of film to shoot for photography (assignment: altered landscape & altered lighting) all due tonight or tomorrow. Brilliant. Must get going, leave me comments - I love to read them!
P.S. much to my delight, this photo was featured here on cuteboyishlesbiangirls. Thanks to the always lovely Chris Fox for the heads up. It pretty much made my day, I squealed for 2 minutes straight. I have a bad sense of humour. (sidenote: although cute, boyish, and female, I am straight)


jayne said...

cute jacket! wow its so cool you were featured online even if the wbesite was random haha

Strutt said...

cute ouftit!!
& great photos & blog.. i love it
keep it coming girl!

Tea For Two said...

Your haircut is delicious. It looks retro but not era-specific, it has a 20s feel but also 60s..

I like the way you're wearing the gillet over the blazer, I've never seen that before.

Lizz said...

niice outfit, I love your haircut very much

The Fashion Tape said...

I LOVE Autum.Winter is bleak cold uninspired, summer is hot and generic. Autum is just right and the sunsets magnificent.
Good tidings on your hwk.

Soren Lorensen said...

this outfit is SO

going to be copied by me, probably

Sarah said...

Beautiful photos!
I love your jacket too! xx

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

You look awesome!!! Congrats on the Teen Vogue feature!!!

Anonymous said...

Just so you know your banner picture is in my top ten ametuer fashion photos. I love it! wat to represent for MN!

technosunshine said...

I have that same shirt with the circus on it

lovely blog

Grace. said...

That outfit is killer.
Love the blog!

Anonymous said...

you are beautiful i'm in love