Saturday, July 17, 2010

more hair

I'm going through another hair obsession phase right now. I miss my longer hair. A lot. I keep seeing girls with long hair and having extreme hair envy. It's funny because I used to have thick, coarse, wavy hair that went all the way down my back. My sister constantly belittled me, telling me that my hair was gross and I could only be pretty if it was stick straight. So I would spend hours every week pulling a flat iron through every strand of hair till I looked exactly like my sister. In an act to defy society's definition of pretty hair, I cut it all off into a boyish pixie. Now as my hair gets longer I feel more and more beautiful everyday, even when my hair is a mess of wavy bedhead curls.

Right now, as my hair is an awkward length, my biggest inspiration are curly bobs and pincurl waves.
Mae West, the sex bomb of the '20s - '30s, with her tight platinum blonde curls. The way Mae's hair frames her face is just lovely, and when she's wrapped in furs and diamonds, she is the epitome of glamour.
Demi Lovato looks so beautiful with '40s-esque curls. The fringe is perfect, I'm a huge fringe nerd as I find my forehead to be quite awkward and mismatched with the rest of my face.
Marilyn was so perfect. Her hair here, slightly more messy than the usually brushed out pin curls, is so beautiful and sexy. Marilyn can always look glamourous.
And what is a post without Clara Bow? Her crazy red curls sculpted her sex icon image and made her the quintessential flapper. As someone who has no control over the natural texture of her hair, Clara's mess of tangles makes me wish I had more confidence to wear my hair in it's natural texture.
Kristen Dunst as a flapper. The pin curls are so glamourous, especially with the headpiece. She is so lovely.
Little known fact: I have a major girlcrush on Kelly Osbourne. She rocks the short hair and can change the colour and pull it off, even when it's tinted purple! I love the pulled out pin curls, they look so fluffy and frame her face beautifully. It's very Marilyn-esque. Not to mention, I'm totally envious of the Sue Wong dress. This photo has me drooling.
Kelly again, in a photo taken by Vogue. Her hair looks terrific. The volume and crooked part are perfect for this style.


Charlotte. said...

i love kelly's hair so much, serious girl-crush material!

Scattered paper cranes said...

I love short hair! I wish I could pull off the curled look but, my hair is stick straight. :(

Kasey said...

I have been thinking of cutting my long hair short, but many friends have made threats regarding if i do. I love the 20's curls so much, and the movie in which Kirsten in pictured is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

short hair works with your face. i'd go with it. wear the natural texture as well. society's "standards" are boring anyway. i'd rather emulate an old hollywood bombshell than a new hollywood beauty because anyone can pull off long, wavy hair.

NOET said...

great haircuts, love them all.
It looks like Kelly is getting prettier by years.

emma wallace said...

I love hair that looks messy and bedheady! Those are great inspirations.

Cassidy said...

i remember feeling the same thing when i cut all my hair off a couple years ago and now that it's getting longer i love it !

great inspiration !

Anonymous said...

Honestly, your hair always looks wonderful! I've been contemplating cutting my hair off again, but it takes me so long to grow it out.
Also, seeing all of your landscape photos have had me seriously considering vacationing to Minnesota. It looks absolutely breath-taking.

catarina said...

I can't see your pictures :(