Tuesday, July 27, 2010

by the shores of the gitche gumee

I've had a busy July! I've been traveling all over Minnesota and the Twin Cities - up north, out east, into Wisconsin. It's been fun, but I'm back to working now and not before long school will be back in session. (To those wondering - I'm still enrolled in high school, I'm a senior now, but I take all my classes at the university.)

I spent a couple of days in Duluth, MN, one of my favourite places on Earth. Or at least in Minnesota. It takes about 3 - 4 hours to drive up, so I only go a few times a year. There's lots to do - shopping in tiny boutiques, eating sandwiches as big as your head, staying the night in log cabins, making s'mores by bonfires, watching ship lights dance in the water's reflection, cutting your knees up on rocks, hiking with the moose and bears.... I stayed in the cities (Canal Park) for my adventures, but hopefully in the autumn I'll head up again for some serious hiking and cabin cozy-ing.

I blurred the background out for Lookbook, but here is a photo of me smiling. People always tell me I should smile for these photos! So here it is. I look like a chipmunk :3

This is my friend Jojo! He's back in Switzerland now, I miss him dearly. My friends are constantly leaving, but I guess I knew he'd have to go back one day or another. Don't you hate that feeling though? I adored this boy, I could tell him anything.

A seagull. These things are beasts.

Classic Minnesota. I love this state. It has my heart like no other can. I'm sure any other Minnesotan can tell you similar.

Rain is inevitable, especially when up north. I love the rain, but only when I'm fully prepared for its arrival. If I'm mentally prepared, I can go out in my rainboots and raincoat and dance around like a little kid for hours.

My boyfriend Mike. The water in Lake Superior is usually freezing cold (as in, painful to leave your hand in for too long) but this year it's about 20 degrees warmer. I waded out into it and Mike went swimming completely.

At a rest stop, looking out into Duluth.

Beautiful orange sign signaling construction work.

My boyfriend has trouble with focusing the camera lens, so in most of the photos I'm just a big blur. And in the ones where I'm in focus, I'm looking at the ground or making a horrid face.

The American Century passing under the lift bridge!

The Lake Superior lift bridge.

I love Lake Superior for two reasons. 1) It's nicknamed the Gitche Gumee. Awesome. 2) You cannot see where it ends. It seems endless, just like the ocean. But without the sharks and surfers.

One of the many reasons why I love this kid like crazy.

This sandwich was as big as my face. But I ate it all. Which is why I look so contemplative and sad. ):

Whenever I leave Duluth I wish I could've stayed longer. But I also know that I'll always come back and it will always be different but also the same. I have photos of me hiking the same trails when I was three as I hike now, climbing over the same rocks, staring at my reflection in the same water. But at the same time, it's all changing...the people, the clothes, the seasons, the faces....but one thing about Duluth and Lake Superior is this: it's always lovely.


Lina said...

Aaaahm I love your hair!
I want it!
You are so pretty. x

Kat said...

i love your check shirt and hair!!
those sandwiches sound beautiful:P

tess said...

oh man, I haven't been to Duluth in years (like when I was 15, so 5 years! eek) But it does look beautiful and quaint, must go again

that purple bodycon dress fits your marvelously!

Anita said...

I liked both outfits, and you've got such a pretty smile :)


Allana said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I really like how your hair looks in these photos, it's a great look for you! I have never been to Minnesota before, but now I am adding it to the list of places in need to go.

SGK said...

I love the 12th picture, that dress is adorable. Duluth is so much fun, just went there a few weeks ago.


Ruby said...

As usual, you look amazing...and I like your pictures much better when you smile!

briglioa21 said...

love those lake superior pictures! i live in northern michigan, oddly enough, right where lake superior ends and turns into lake huron! and as much as i'm ready for a big city life, there really isn't a prettier place than summers on lake superior...

Cassidy said...

you look adorable. i love that dress; and minnesota is beautiful! i've been there a few times. :}

carrie jade said...

I'm in love with your shoes and that purple dress! it's so awesome.

Katie Beth said...

I love Duluth! My sister went to college there so I've been up there a few times, but I haven't gone for a long time now!
PS - I love that purple dress!

Reina said...

hahahah, i love the picture of you and the sandwhich, and your comment underneath. it made me smile ;D

wisconsinite here!!! you should really visit Madison (where i live) its the most GORGEOUS city ever!!! (actaully not, but its seriously a fantastic city to live in, the ithsmus is a WONDERFUL place).

i LOVE your red belt!

$nap$hot said...

OMG!!! Those pictures are amazing! You have to put them on DeviantART!!!