Saturday, June 18, 2011

lay in bed with you and not have to worry about tomorrow

Outfit post! It seems like it's been a while, no? I've been super busy working, catching up with old friends, going on dates with a lovely boy, and getting ready for my 32 day excursion to Europe! Summer's a great time, isn't it? The only problem has been that the weather has been either chilly or very humid and sticky. It turns this whole clothing thing into a very difficult procedure.

Here, I wear an outfit that I wore when I went on a date to the aquarium and then the malt shop. All of my tights have huge runs in them and are absolutely trashed, so I went for thigh highs from American Apparel. I don't regularly shop at AA, but their socks are super warm and cozy, and fairly priced. In the winter, they're actually warmer than pants!

It's been such ever a long time since I wore suspenders! It felt great to strap them back on. I've distanced myself from menswear so much in the past year or so. My last boyfriend had an opinion on what I wore, and so I altered my style to appease him. Now that I'm back in the throws of singlehood and wearing whatever the Hell I want, I've been resorting to menswear accents.

I've also become addicted to hairbows! I went to H&M during break at work and bought every colour of hairbows from the kid's section. They get lost in my curly hair, so I usually wear them with my hair up. When I have late nights and not enough time to do my hair in the mornings, I've been putting my hair up into two buns on the top of my head, and then clipping in little bows. I thought it was sort of a childish style, but turns out the boys love it! My coworker was laughing at me the other day because she knew that that was exactly what I DIDN'T want to happen!

Speaking of curly hair and childish things....I went to the Taylor Swift concert on Tuesday! I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and my sister got tickets the Friday before the show. Despite the fact that my sister is 21, she was acting even more like a kid about it than I was! We made t-shirts with sparkly fabric markers and rhinestones, and she also made a poster and suggested that I wear my pink, light-up cowboy hat (a suggestion which I happily went along with).

Taylor played a great show. She is absolutely the most darling little creature imaginable.

Her outfits were also absolutely incredible! This girl has such an wonderful sense of style. Plus she has gorgeous curls, a killer voice, and comes off as a well-rounded, hard-headed person. I could keep gushing about Taylor, but I'll just end it with this: she's a total knockout.

My favourite flapper-esque little dress of the night. Ok, now back to the outfit since this is, apparently a fashion blog, although a poor excuse for one at that.

My sister borrowed this cardigan a few weeks ago and finally got it back to me the other day. Even though I hadn't worn it in months, I had sudden cardigan withdrawl as soon as it left my closet. So when she placed it back in my hands, I put it on immediately. It's so wrong when it's June, but still chilly enough to wear a sweater!

I'm also wearing Steve Madden wedges, which are too wide for my feet. I need to find a solution for this problem, so that I can wear them more comfortably! Hmmm.....

Anyways, I'll finish this up so that you last few who stuck it out can get on with your lives. I have a busy week ahead of me, of grad parties, museums, art festivals, dinner with parents, and movie nights. I have only two more shifts to work until August, and my birthday is on the 22nd, followed by a slew of rushed farewells and packing for my trip on the 28th. I've begun a new game among my coworkers called "My birthday is on Wednesday, guess how old I'll be!" I look older in my work uniform, so I've been getting a lot of which I burst into giggles like the immature 18 year old I actually will be.


Anonymous said...

I think more girls should wear suspensers!

where did you buy them?

Kate said...

Love this outfit and i hope you have an amazing time in Europe! x

Jana C said...

i LOVE your hair

Two Happy Hearts said...

lovely! i adore the suspenders. i wore some the other day, and i loved them!! such a fun change.

and t. swift looks amazing. i'd love to see her looks like she puts on quite a theatrical show.

alex boutrous said...

oh you are just adorable! europe sounds so fun!!

your hair looks great! it looks especially wonderful in these last posts. in fact, when i went to cut my bangs again you were my inspiration!

xoxo alex.

Cassidy said...

Take me with you to Europe! Haha, you look darling. I love all of your socks.

Anonymous said...

Still just absolutely love your posts, hair and dress sense. No one should ever change for anybody. You should be accepted for who you are, that is ultimately how you were when the other person met you. You go girl.

BeautyBabiex said...

I love your outfit in this, you look amazing. The shorts & socks go well together :)

My cousin saw taylor swift live and said she was incredible!

Carina said...

I really love your suspenders/braces!
Lovely outfit

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

You're a vision.
About a year ago, I dated a guy who always had an opinion on what I wore.. it wasn't a 'don't wear this' vibe but more of an eye roll and 'Are you really going to wear that?'

Frustrating to say the least.. and honestly, it wasn't until the boy was long gone did I even realize it.

Anyhow, I'm glad that you've been having fun and staying busy. :)

Jamie Rose said...

I have those American Apparel socks too! I think in the same color. You're so right about how warm they are. They're so warm there's hardly any time I can wear them in Georgia! They're nice for lounging and sleeping too.

Bad Taste Toast said...

Wow, you look stunning in this outfit! the shorts, shirt, suspenders, shoes, everything looks so perfect, so effortlessly chic! I love it!

The concert pics look great too, I've never been to such a big concert show and I'm not a Taylor Swift fan but this look awesome, i think I'd go eventhough it's not my music haha :)

Carina said...

I love your hair!

Ruby Girl said...

you look so great!! <3

M & Em said...

You are BEAUTIFUL! Those short shorts with the suspenders are so hot! I love the striped shirt too. The whole outfit is incredible, you really put it together so well. And you found a way to make shorts like that not look hoochie. It actually looks pretty classy all put together. Well done!


Tanya WALL officiel said...

Great blog , nice to follow, love the pics, however your style , I'm so fan !

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

You got to see Taylor Swift! I am beyond jealous!