Tuesday, November 13, 2012

true to the navy

Another impromptu blog hiatus. I'm actually proud of how much I've been able to keep this blog going this semester, considering that I'm doing 19 credits and working more than 15 hours a week. I think it helps that I don't otherwise have a life or contact with the outside world.
I'm restless as all get out. I yearn for romance and for love and a little bit of adventure along the way. I wish to be done with tramping around campus in the cold and of reading all these damn French existentialist novels, only to get a C on all of my classwork. I want to go back to Guatemala and pick axe those giant boulders. I want to be wandering around Prague, hopping from bar to bar and finishing at 2 in the morning by wandering aimlessly across the Saint Charles Bridge. I want to spend all day in bed with a nice boy, watching Buster Keaton classics and drinking hot chocolate. I'm just so restless about where I am in life currently. It's time for a change of some sort.
On the bright side, I only have 4 weeks of semester left. I am looking forward to getting this semester over with, because it has brought me nothing but stress. I'm already registered for Spring semester and am hoping that that goes a bit better and that I have more time for a life outside from the library.
One thing that has changed - the weather. I woke up on Monday to snow falling in big, fluffy flakes. It was actually delightful to wait for the bus and to scurry through campus between classes - it felt like I was in a snowglobe!
Of course the snow and below freezing temps also requires a change of wardrobe. Stockings are an everyday necessity, as are socks and at least two layers on top. Today I am wearing a new jacket/shirt thing I found at Unique Thrift the other week. It was only something like $4 and I knew it suited me perfectly! It is super warm and I didn't even need another coat today, despite it being something like 38°F outside (alright, I'm also wearing a sweater underneath, but I was toasty warm).
The shirt must have belonged to a rather small sailor, considering that I am teeny tiny. The sleeves are a bit long and the shoulders are a bit broad, but it is so cozy and smells absolutely nice. The tag on the back has a place for name/date, but the ink has all smeared, so unfortunately I don't know anything about the owner. I can, however, say that the navy has always been my particular favourite branch of the military. It's the pants and caps. It really is. That and I'm a dork for all the sailor musicals (On the Town, Anchors Aweigh, Follow the Fleet...). Sailor pants were just made for tap dancing!
I am also wearing a skirt I bought in the Zara kids section when I was in Lyon. I really, really would like for the Mall of America to get Zara. Of course, I'd spend all of my money there, but seriously, I'm obsessed! I went into Zara in every city that I found them in in Europe. The skirt & shirt were miraculously the exact same colour (and material) so it looked like I was wearing a drop waist dress. This is alright with me. The whole look was a little bit Twenties-esque and reminded me of a little flapper girl sailing her toy boat in the pond at the park.
When I was little, my sister and I would make boats out of styrofoam and then float them down a man-made stream in a downtown Saint Paul park. It was sort of magical and one of those childhood memories that I will probably never forget. If only I had this outfit to go along with it when I was little - it would have been even more magical!
I am also wearing a sweater from the second hand shop and brogues from Wanted.
I give a speech on Thursday all about the use of language to add to sexist & homphobic stereotypes (I am arguing against it, of course!). I still have yet to research/write it (tomorrow!) but wish me luck! After that, I have Friday and Saturday free to work and to not stress about school for once. Keep warm & stay true to the navy xx


Milex said...

your legs!!

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I've missed you. I haven't really been on the internet much lately, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a post from you pop up when I went to check my blogger. :)

I don't know how you do it! I'm currently taking a 15h in classes and working two jobs and babysitting-- needless to say, blogging has fallen to the wayside! How do you manage to take outfit photos? IN THE COLD? I mean this as a compliment, though. I need to get my act together.

I too yearn for french existentialism. On a side note, I've been reading Nietzsche's 'Human, All Too Human' along with a few random pamphlets and a lot of poetry books. Some of it is a bit hard to read, but it's inspiring at the same time. I feel old and young as I read words that I imagine many other great people before me have read. (I'm starting to ramble on now-- sorry!)

Good luck on your speech! I have an essay due tomorrow morning... which I really ought to be finishing now. I have it handwritten, but I need to type it up!

Talk too so you! xo

Two Happy Hearts said...

Ohhh, I love this! That shirt is so awesome, and I can't believe you found the perfect matching skirt in the kids section! So great.

Good luck with your speech! I'm sure it'll be amazing ;)

Jamie Rose said...

I definitely understand the restlessness and urge for the semester to be over! It's time for some change.
Also, I really love the sailor jacket you thrifted! I can't resist nautical details. They're so classic and retro and I love them.