Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work hard & be nice to people

Thanksgiving in America. Part of me always wants to be that person who's like, "Yay! Thanksgiving! America! Time to be together with the family!" but the dominant part of me more thinks, "Thanksgiving...celebrating a short-lived friendship between Natives & settlers before we gave them small pox and put them onto reservations." We still treat Native Americans poorly, which is really upsetting that we have a holiday that commemorates this relationship.
We're coming up the anniversary of the largest mass execution in American history, which was of 39 Natives at the order of President Lincoln (and which took place in Mankato, Minnesota). And just the other week, a group of  Dakota women walked the footsteps of 1,700 of their ancestors, all women, children, and elders, in a 125 mile march from southern Minnesota to Fort Snelling. It was in remembrance of the 150 year anniversary of the journey that their Dakota ancestors were forced to make in the U.S. Dakota War of 1962. An estimated 400 died in this march.
I think it's horrid that we have this history but still continue to, in effect, repeat it by condemning others for their race, culture, or sexuality. It shows how truly ignorant and brutal we were to these people "back in the day", but it also shows how much prejudice remains. It's upsetting that our country couldn't have learned from their tragic misdecisions of the past and be more accepting of people these days. I find the history of how we've treated Native people to be devastating, and it's so backwards (in my opinion) to be celebrating a holiday based around this treatment.
So anyways, now that you know my opinion on that particular American holiday...
I had a couple of classes today and was running rather late because I had to wait 10 minutes to get into the bathroom this morning, so when I went into my closet with 5 minutes to get dressed, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Comfortable!" Oh, I'm also sick (typical) so comfort was extra key. I instinctively grabbed my Levi's mom jeans (is "mom jeans" politically correct?) because nothing says comfort quite like mom jeans, aside from sweat pants (but I have dignity...though not much).
I had found this shirt at the thrift store a few weeks ago. It's super soft and flowy, plus the print said "home" to me. When I bought it, it didn't look half as big as it really is, but I like it. It's comfy. (Comfy seems to be the word of the day.) I layered some pearls (glam) and this furry suede vest from Tunnel Vision. Oh, I also wore my brown Doc Martens. The whole ensemble ended up being a bit rugged, a bit chic. It was very Nineties-Northern-Minnesota-Cabin-Mom-esque.
Oh, I also wore my jacket from JJ Basics that my mum bought me! I'm obsessed with it. I want to sleep in it. It's better than a boyfriend.
As I was taking these photos, my dumb neighbour came down the alley and saw me (you can see his car in the above photo). At first I was all like, "Oh no, I look like a dumb teenage girl! I need to move away!" but then I realised it was my neighbour with whiskey plates, and I suddenly was no longer embarrassed. (Whiskey plates mean that you've been caught drinking and driving more than twice, and have to keep humiliating white license plates on all your cars denoting that you're irresponsible & took other people's lives in your own hands.) Drinking and driving is one thing that I have zero tolerance for - it's just so unexcusable.
I just finished watching the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, which is part of what feuled that episode of soapboxing. I missed the Halloween one, unfortunately, and I'm not too crazy about the Thanksgiving one, also unfortunately. They did, however, announce that the Christmas one will be showing next Wednesday! Yippee! I almost forgot that after tomorrow, I can openly begin celebrating Christmas.
Anyways, to all my American friends - enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow - and to all else, keep warm, work hard, and be nice! xx


Milex said...

I have no words, just love

Anonymous said...

I tend to be really iffy about patriotic holidays (which I kind of think Thanksgiving is), much for the same reason. In reality, our heritage isn't as great as those extremely patriotic types want to make it out to be. Not to mention, I'm just not always happy with the general superficiality of American focus--whether that's race issues, in politics, or materialism. SOmetimes I just get sick of celebrating my country...but then I remember the good things, the freedoms and everything that I do have living here. And I'm thankful :)

<3 Cambria

Robyn said...

You, lady, are a wonderful person! Reading your blog is a very inspiring part of my day, and I'm glad you are still sharing your thoughts with everyone.
Also I adore your hair! I couldn't pull of blunt bangs cut that high if I tried, but I think our hair could be friends~
Have a lovely day!

-Robyn L.

Keit said...

History is full of examples of people mistreading other people. And even though it sucks, It's our nature to treat different groups differently and with disgust. People generally feel more close to others with similair preferences and skin tone and language and whatever. People really suck :-D
I love the Charlie Brown cartoons, you can learn so much from them ^_^ Totally stalking you btw :-D