Sunday, June 30, 2013

end of June

The final post for June 2013. I cannot believe that June went by this fast! It seems like I didn't even have a June. Paris, and my other travels in Europe, had no dates or times. They just flowed through my life and now all of a sudden I'm back home in Minnesota, where dates and times are very relevant, and I find myself on June 30th. The entire month has slipped by me and July is on my heels.
Since getting home (on Tuesday, so only five days ago), I've had to acclimate to so many changes. The major one which I'm struggling with is wardrobe. Most of the places I visited in Europe, with the exception of Geneva, were cool, cloudy, and rainy. Since I've been back, Minnesota has been very hot and that sticky type of humid where it feels like you're swimming through the air. Yep, gotta love Minnesota weather. Crop tops have been my major staple and this is the first time since being back that I've whipped out the cut offs. About time!

These shorts were ones which I attempted to bleach last summer with my friend Carrie but I'm not sure they turned out the greatest and then I accidentally cut them up the side. Oops! I have yet to take the seam ripper to them, but it's coming. I'm also wearing a crop top which I found in a clothes market in London on the day that I met up with the beautiful, lovely Tori! If you hadn't been following my excitement via Twitter, Tori was sweet enough to come down to London on one of my two days there to spend the day shopping and eating. We went to a really cool tea shop called, I want to say, the Vintage Emporium and then wandered around different markets. It was so much fun and too bad that it was only for a day. I was bummed to be leaving London so soon, actually. On my last night there I met a really cool group of people at the hostel and wished that I could have spent another day wandering around with them. Oh well, Minnesota was calling! Plus, I was missing my boyfriend terribly.
Speaking of! It was my beautiful boyfriend who took these photos for me today. I might have him take them again sometime since they turned out so well. It's funny because I usually have the camera in his face and today the tables turned. I did, however, get it for a few minutes and got a few shots of him:

What a doll! Can you see why I missed him? I'd never been much for brown eyes until him, but now I melt whenever I look into them.
Anyways, enough of that, back to me....

I spent the morning marching in the MPLS Pride Parade with my internship. I'm interning for a politician here in the Cities and he was marching in the parade, so I went with to hand out stickers and take video. It was extremely hot and I kept falling behind and having to run to catch up. By the end, we were all very sticky and collapsed onto the freezing cold leather couches back in the office. For once they actually felt nice! Right when I got home I soaked in the tub and then got into this to keep cool for the rest of the day.

Summer really is a great thing. The feeling of sun on your skin is glorious. Although the sun is setting for today, I'm already eager to get back out into it tomorrow. Keep cool my friends and soak up some sun xx
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Rachel Sullivan said...

You are such a babe! Love the pigtails. I'm glad you're having such an exciting summer!


Becky said...

You look so super cute!


Tori Mears said...

I'm sooooo behind on posts thanks to Glasto but glad I finally got the chance to read this! I had an amazing time with you in London and, as expected, you look ab-fab in the top!! I'm totally jealous of your weather (although I know the sticky-kind isn't that fun!) and I think the pride parade sounds amazing!!! Oh, and 'I need feminism because...' came to the festival - I took a pic because it made me think of you, will try and tag you in it when I upload it :) xx

Kitschmoog said...

Great look, very cute like I love !
♥ ♥ ♥

Jamie Rose said...

You look so adorable and happy in these pictures! Your boyfriend did an awesome job with them. I'm loving the crop top you picked up in London too. I definitely understand the swimming through air feeling as it's stupidly humid in Georgia most of the time.

Jamie S said...

My dear, you are the crop top queen!