Sunday, June 9, 2013

flea market

 And the horrid quality photos continue! I paused over bringing my good camera along but decided against it. My Pentax is so bulky, and then I'd want to bring multiple lenses and horrible things would happen and ugghhh. So instead I have my point and shoot which I know the photos it takes are awful, but maybe it's better than nothing? Maybe.

So as of yesterday I only have one more week left in Paris! That is crazy to think about. I leave for Geneva on Saturday morning and kiss Paris goodbye for a while. Who knows when I will come next? One of my group mates and I decided to go to the flea markets today. Someone had told us that the one at the end of the metro line 4 (Porte de Clignancourt) was a good one once when you got past all the black market stuff, and it was! I wish that I was rich and could afford all of the beautiful 1920s prints and absolutely stunning ball gowns. But I cannot. Oh well, I did make off with a few Charlie Chaplin prints and a Buster Keaton one, as well as a '60s dress, a '20s dress, and two new pairs of shoes from the '40s, which I wear in these photos however you can barely see them! Oops.

I wish that flea markets existed in Minnesota. We have art fairs and garage sales and vintage/antique shops, but no flea markets. They would be fun to have in Minnesota! Maybe I will have to get one started, eh? Any fellow Minnesotans want to join me?

 It was fairly chilly today (after getting sunburn yesterday!) and so I got to wear a sweater. After I went out a bought sweaters, it got too warm and I was left to switch between my two tee-shirts. This red sweater is from the Zara on the Champs-Elysees which I got the Sunday after we got here, when I had realised that Paris was freezing and I would soon because a French popsicle if I didn't find warm clothes fast. This one is all swingy and nice, I like it. And I love red - love it! My favourite colour.

Shorts are H&M and the blouse underneath is vintage. And then of course, the shoes:

 They are so beautiful! Since I wear very small shoes (a 4 or a 5), it is difficult to find them in my size outside of the kid's section where everything is sparkly and lights up. So I ran for these when I saw them and the shopkeeper was delighted when I told her how small my feet were. She gave me a deal on buying two pairs and so I did because they were both gorgeous. Plus, she and I spoke in French the whole time and it was wonderful! I've been able to use my French a bit and it makes me feel like I've accomplished something in my 8 years as an on-and-off-again student of French.

I don't know why I'm making such a snarky face in this photo. I am dead tired and about ready to hit the hay. It's only a bit after 10 here, but spending money that I shouldn't is really exhausting! Phew!

I'll be back with another update soon, I promise. I love blogging so much and I get sad when I can't! So I will make special time for it. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter as well, where I'm updating with my snarky comments on Paris, my funny anecdotes, and a photo or two when the wifi connection is good. A bientot, mes petits!


Isobel @ 739051 said...

You look gorgeous! love the first picture! x

Laura said...

Sounds like you are having such a fun adventure! I'm really loving those shorts. Oh goodness, and those shoes are FANTASTIC. What a great find - they look like they are in really good shape.


Milex said...

stunningly well done

Courtney Melville said...

Love this look, very smart! xx

Anonymous said...

The photo quality may be horrid, but you look fantastic! I think the trip to Paris may have been worth it just to get those shoes. Very nice find!

Amalie said...

Such a pretty outfit :) And lovely blog too !

Louisette said...

Lovely style.