Saturday, July 20, 2013

That Seventies Look

I know what you're thinking right now - "Chloe, naming this post That Seventies Look is so stupid and cliché!" And yes, it is....but when else am I gonna get to use it? I went to a '70s themed party last night and it was pretty much just a room full of 20-somethings wearing bell bottoms, leisure suits, and floor length lace dresses, dancing to bad disco and creating our own living room version of Soul Train.
It'd been way too long since going to a themed party. Back in middle school, every month someone would throw a themed party of some sort and all of us would fill a room in our best '80s garb or poodle skirts or grunged up jeans and Nirvana tees. I was excited when, a few weeks ago, my friend David told me he was having a '70s themed. I probably wouldn't have bothered even making it out otherwise, but I'll do anything to dress up and dance to clichéd music from that decade. And any excuse to wear my purple bell bottoms is a good excuse.
I got these pants from Up Six Vintage in Saint Paul last spring while they were having an annual sale. I was so excited and have since been wanting to sew myself another pair, especially after seeing this pair over at Esther-fromthesticks.
The halter top is one sent over in a bag of old clothes from my auntie. So cool! That bag was just full of gems from the late '60s, early '70s that she'd been holding onto all these years. Bonus - she was just my size. I'm also wearing a belt I picked up in Guatemala and my favourite old Rocket Dog sneakers. They're absolutely in pieces but I love them and simply cannot part with them.
I kind of adored dressing all '70s-esque and am already excited to do it again! Definitely gonna need to invest in another pair of bell bottoms after how much fun these ones are... Plus I did the whole sparkly-eye-makeup-overdone-blush look. It's been way too long since I've done anything fun with my makeup, despite having a drawer full of it.
This was actually the first party I've gone to this summer (in America) and I forgot how fun they can be! Even if they're not seventies themed, they're always so fun to dress up for and do crazy makeup for, just because it's the one time that you can get away with it without having people question you or judge you. Thumbs up for not judging other people! Unless if you're reading this blog right now, judging me. Then...leave. Please. There's enough hate and anger on the internet as there is, this blog is a place of peace and kindness.
And to finish with a smile! Someone commented about how different it was to see candid photos of me (via Tori's post), so I'll try to post some more of me just having a good time and not trying to be too model-y or pose-y. Ick, no one looks good if they have a stick up their butt all the time!
I have started about a billion craft projects all of a sudden and they're all scattered across my living room. Time to sort out everything and decide what to dive into first! xx


Christina Marie said...

Themed parties are always the best!


Polina said...

You are so beautiful! Awwww
Were these photos taken before you got a hair cut?

Laura said...

I just love themed parties! my roommate had a 90's theme for her birthday this past year - always a blast! I really love your bell bottoms - the color is perfect! Also, love that you adorable top was your aunts; got to love hand-me-downs that stay in the family!


Becky said...

Your outfit is so perfect!


Jessie Swenson said...

You look perfect!

Anna and Marybeth said...

do you cut your own bangs? how do you go about getting them choppy like that?