Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Advertise with Urban Tease!

Starting for August 1st, I will be accepting advertising on Urban Tease! In the past I've only accepted gifts as a way of advertisement, but now I'll be accepting advertising spots. I've been getting offers from several businesses and since I'm now an unpaid intern, I thought it might be a nice way of getting some income as well as hosting giveaways out of my own pocket!

Urban Tease has been active since 2008, securing hundreds of loyal readers (I adore each and every one of you) and constantly expanding to new platforms (have you guys seen the new Twitter? Or Facebook?). The blog consistently draws over 400 views everyday with people clicking in from all types of sites including other blogs, Lookbook, and Chictopia. I have readers all over the world with more coming in every day. Over 600 people follow Urban Tease using Google Connect, and over 350 follow via Bloglovin' Take a look at this stat screenshot from July 21st:

Urban Tease is consistently growing with new content being added all the time. In the past I've featured not only personal style posts, but also DIY projects, makeup tutorials, photography, personal goals, Feminist rants, and book reviews. More than a fashion blog, I prefer to think of Urban Tease as a lifestyle blog promoting kindness and a positive thinking.

In the past, Urban Tease has partnered with great success with many brands and stores including GUESS, yeswalker, Anjolee, Lalamagic, Anastasia of Hollywood, and Misikko. Although I love trying out clothes and products, the posts eventually get filed away and aren't viewed frequently. This is not so good for people looking to draw in customers. So instead, you can now advertise your store, product, brand, or blog and have readers consistently seeing your advertisement for the entire month rather than just a few days.

Since August will be the first month advertising, I'm keeping rates low as an introductory offer. Two sizes are available and your ad will appear for the whole month. I'm also offering a discounted rate for buying two months!

Or two months for $8!

Or two months for $14!

Email me at urban_tease@yahoo.com for more information or to purchase an advertising spot. No button? No problem! I can design your advertisement for you if need be.

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