Tuesday, February 19, 2013

americana beauty

I obviously know what you're thinking: Woah Chloe, since when did you become a rockstar?!?!?!
The answer: since Friday afternoon when I came home to find a package on my backstep containing these beautiful pants and this beautiful shirt from Guess. I'm a huge fan of Guess and their brand image, so when I recieved an email from the people over at Chictopia offering a collaboration, I could hardly resist, and immediately started picking out my favourite pieces and imagining the future outfits I would put together.
Right when I ran across the Midnight Music Child Tee it was love. Instantaneous. I suddenly had all these images of summer and soft fabrics and going bra-less, listening to the Grateful Dead and being carefree. It reminded me of my mum and also my sister when she was in her brief hippie-goth phase in junior high. I eagerly put it in my virtual shopping cart with summer in mind, completely forgetting the sub-zero temps outside, or even the several feet of snow and ice which will remain for the next couple of months.
Oh well, one can dream, right? One can also layer. And I am even more pro at layering than I am at dreaming; You need to be in order to physically survive Minnesota winters.
The other piece I picked out were these beautiful, lush, pure sex Brittney Denim Leggings in Copper Distress. Yeah, did you hear that? Pure sex in super stretchy, Cotton/Polyester/Spandex distressed jeggings. Who knew? I usually avoid denim like the plague (but can you really avoid the plague?) but when I saw these, I immediately started drooling all over my keyboard and into my cereal. These bad boys are not to be avoided. I was intrigued by the supposedly extra-stretchy material these are made of. Guess seemed to market them as made from some sort of space age fabric, so I immediately put a pair in my (virtual) shopping cart. I hesitated but ended up putting a size 24 in after reading that their jeans should easily accomodate my rather wide hips. If you're one of those girls like me where your waist to hip ratio differs by 11 - 12 inches, these babies are a dream. I might just never take them off. But their pure sexiness is already causing riots, so it's best to give them a rest here and there.
They recieved appraisal from my small group today in Feminist Media Studies - apparently they appeal to college-age feminists, which is great. I will wear them to the next Women's Activist Collective meeting on campus and instead of being referred to as "that new girl" I will be "that badass rockstar."
Look at those! Jeez, what beauties. I could write haikus, sonnets, love songs to these jeans!
As soon as I put them on, boyfriend and I immediately felt the rock star vibes and decided to take some portraits (because what else is one to do on a Friday night?) where we really embraced our moody musician side. This would be our album cover if we were a duet producing some sort of gothic-folk-americana-rock music, I imagine. Pure badass-ness (badassery?):
Anyways, that's enough for now! I'm pretty sure my entire journal tonight will be about how much of a crush I have on these pants, wondering if they like me back. Sorry boyfriend, but I need a break from writing about you for once!
Again, thanks so much to both Guess and Chictopia for including me in this collaboration. I had loads of fun and cannot wait for warmer temps so that I can keep experimenting with these pieces (and my inner rockstar). Make sure you go over to Chictopia to check out my look! But for now, I must read endless chapters of Stuart Hall and bang my head against the wall in media studies agony. Take care friends and embrace your inner rockstar xx


Susy Valencia said...

HA! I loved how you said that would be the Cover of your Duet. Love it! And those jeans do look good on you. And you do look very rockstar-ish. So jealous.

Sophie said...

Those jeans make your legs look amazing!

HannahVictoriaa said...

Those jeans are simply incredible!

Keit said...

Wow, indeed, hotness alert. The jeans are pure bad assery at its finest *_*

Catherine said...

Cute outfit, especially loving the leather jacket, I've had getting one on my wishlist for a while now, haha.

Anonymous said...

You DO look like a total rockstar!!! And honestly it doesn't surprise me one bit... Lucky girl, getting to work with Guess...I'm quite jealous :)

Btw, these jeans really fit if you're tiny-waist-wide-hips?! That's SO my problem...I'm a 23" waist and 36" hips blah...do you think they'd actually fit? I've NEVER found a pair of jeans that fit!!!

<3 Cambria

Anonymous said...

And also...missed you lots at the MIA vintage event last night, had hoped you were coming :(

<3 Cambria

Priya said...

How awesome that you did a collaboration with Guess! That's huge! I love the look here, it is very rockstar. And who doesn't want to break that out every now and again?! Love the portrait of you and your bf, it turned out really well! Hope you're managing to stay on top of your schoolwork! I am totally with you there!

perfectly priya