Tuesday, February 26, 2013

winter winter

Winter Winter. In Minnesota, winter seems to have no end. From November through April we're stuck in frigid temperatures and snow and ice and occasionally slush on those days where it teasingly warms up to the upper 30s. Save for Christmas, everything is worse during the winter. Simple everyday activities become tedious, a chore, and one that often results in frozen toes. You know that the outside is unavoidable and that you just have to suck it up, put on wool socks and an extra sweater, and do what you have to do. Seeing as this is my 19th winter in Minnesota, I'm pretty used to the weather - there's no escaping it - but even I, come late-February, grow anxious.
I've been trying to spend my time indoors (dreading the moment when I have to leave - usually for school or work nonetheless, ick!) cleaning and marking things off my to do list. I've also been trying to find creative new things to do with outfits. Okay, okay, I admit there's not a whole lot that's "creative" about this look, but it's different from the jeans, sweater, and flannel that I have been wearing.
I always forget about this tulle skirt that I tend to shove into the back of my closet. I bought it at Urband Outfitters when I was about 16 and it is way way way too big for me. Hence why I never wear it. But for this particular occasion, I thought, why not just belt it and wear an oversized sweater over? So that is precisely what I did.
My current mood about everything is that I don't want to get out of bed. Getting out of bed is my biggest struggle of the day. It is worse than deconstructing Foucault or bell hooks or Judith Butler. It is worse than my night class on communication theory, in which the professor wears sweatpants everyday and drones to an auditorium, pausing occasionally to scribble something in tiny illegible handwriting on the white board. In order to make getting out of bed a tiny bit better, I have been wearing cozy, oversized sweaters and socks so that I can nestle into them and warm myself. Hey, I'm not fooling myself or anything, but it at least makes the process of having to actually live during the winter months a tad more bearable!
I think I was a bear in a past life.
I don't know if I've even bothered to take these Doc Martens off my feet for the past 5, going on 6, weeks. They're grippy for icy mornings (and nights), I can trudge through snowbanks in them, and they don't weigh 15 pounds a piece like my snow boots do. In fact, in an attempt to procrastinate further on studying tonight, I may just have to write an ode to them.
I also decided that it was high time to bring out this Eddie Bauer sweater again. I went almost 5 weeks without wearing it, fearing that I was overwearing it (does 'everyday' define overwearing?). But, it's back in all its beautiful, cozy, never-left-the-bed glory!
I just got stuck on the phone for an hour and now I have loads of homework to finish. I have an exam tomorrow for a class in which I don't think I've even learned anything yet - yikes! Wish me luck and stay warm friends xx


Jamie Rose said...

I have an issue getting out of bed too, so you're not alone! It's hard sometimes! Or a lot of the time.
I think people always want the weather they don't have. It stays warm or sweltering here from April to November, so we're like in opposite land. I always wish for fall to start earlier because the humid heat gets to be too much by the end of June.
Anyway, you look super cozy in your gray sweater. I really like the tulle skirt layered underneath. I have a tulle skirt that's too big on me too, but I've been meaning to take it in in the waist so I can actually wear it.

Mostly Lisa said...

I have lived in Minnesota for 23 years, so I know exactly what you mean about this weather. It's either we get super frigid/cold weather or sweltering/hot weather. Then the few times we get decent weather, it doesn't last long. I really can't wait until spring, it's long overdue. So ready to not have to wear a jacket.

Love this outfit you have on though! Super cute, and I love the Doc Martens. :D

Mostly Lisa

Keit said...

I think most people have trouble getting out of bed :D
My roommate was always late for work because she kept oversleeping. She put her alarm at 7 oclock, the alarm buzzed for 30 minutes straight, she would continue to sleep, while everyone around her were already awake because of the freakin alarm!
I've been dreading going out too, the weather sucks like never before -_-
I love your shoes and cozy sweater ^^

Handbags and Purses said...

Too Hot. Love the look.