Sunday, February 10, 2013

time to go home

Maybe it's the new year, maybe it's my undergrad career ending, maybe it's the new boyfriend, but something has been causing me to want change in my life. I've been spending way too much time lately going through photos from when I was 17 and thinking about how genuinely happy I was. The photo on my work badge was from this same time period. Whenever I take it out of my pocket to swipe one of the locked areas at work, I catch sight of my bouncy, cheerful grin and this spark in my eyes that just hasn't been there in the past couple of years.
Here's my goal: get that spark back.
I often look back at 17 and wonder what was so great. I remember that I had the most terrific boyfriend who I thought I'd love forever. I had just switched departments at work and was loving my new position. I was finishing up my last bit of high school and finally able to graduate. My best friend and I were preparing our trip to backpack Europe over the summer. I was baking a cake every week and spending my days off at home alone with my pup, blogging, singing, watching TV, and also somehow doing all my homework. It's time to get this all back again. And even though the situation won't be exactly the same (you're only 17 once, unless you're Zac Efron, right?), I think I can find this youthful delight once again. It's time to go back home.
It was snowing today (though the "blizzard" all the weathermen were frantic about apparently never came full-fledged) so I made an extra effort to get outside and get some photos. The weather has been so crummy lately, whenever I even think about taking outfit photos, I just put my pajamas on and collapse back into bed. Spring come soon! I want to have fun outside again! Hell, I just want to have fun again!
The boyfriend and I did get away the other day to go to the art museum, which was refreshing. I do love the museum, and a day off with the boyfriend reminded me of being young(er) again. Let's keep this up!
Anyways, I have loads and loads of homework to get done this week. And next week. And the week after. And the week after that. Pretty much, for the next 13 or 14 weeks, I have tons of homework to be doing. I'm still working out my schedule so that I have time to fit everything in - including blog! In the meantime, sit tight friends, keep saying sweet things, keep loving each other, and have a great Valentine's Day! xx


Bad Taste Toast said...

You look beautiful, I love the dark outfit against the bright white snow! The tights and shorts are an amazingly cute combo!

Oh I know what you mean, I'm a too nostalgic person and often think back to when I was younger and how happy me and my friends used to be.
So much has changed now that we're all grown up. Here#s to keeping up the Peter Pan spirit in our minds :)

Good luck in reaching your goal too!

Beautifully Pure said...

I know exactly what you mean! Last year and the year before I was so happy, but in the past few months I've just not had that. I'm really trying to get back to that! Good luck to you! I hope you get back the life you want. :D

Brooke @ You're in Brookelynn said...

I totally understand what you mean about missing how happy you used to be. I feel like that all the time whenever I look back at pictures from around 2010 or so, I was probably 17 at the time too. Maybe that's just a carefree age? I don't know, but I definitely want to get that spark back too.

Also, the snow in these photos looks lovely. we had a bit of a snowstorm here by Chicago, but today it was pretty warm and rainy so it just looks dirty and sad now :( I am ready for spring too!


Milex said...


DC in STYLE said...

Wow, these snowy photos are awesome!!!! You look very chic and stylish-you always surprise me with unique looks!!!

Bright said...

Those purple shorts are gorgeous!

I've been feeling the same lately, I keep feeling unhappy with everything I have, striving for more, and when I look back to being younger I was much happier then. Time to find some of the magic again.

Coco said...

I recently looked through old photos, too (starting from when I was 15), because I was feeling a little nostalgic. I think it's normal to yearn for those times again as we get older. The thing is - and several friends have said this to me about themselves, too - if we actually were like that now, as we were when we were, say, 17 years old, we would feel like we haven't grown up (and other people would tell us to). So it's OK to not be as carefree/stupid anymore nowadays. I'm not saying we should be boring but I mean it's natural to have to put a bit more effort into it as we get older! Good post. :)

Cambria said...

Glad you're feeling a connection to those happy times again...good boyfriend, I'd say, bringing you to the art museum. My fav place! Hope you get your hw accomplished :)

<3 Cambria