Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I decided to take up Minnesota on the weather it's given me the past few days...and wear a halter top and cut offs. Without tights. Yes, sometimes my dangerous behaviour frightens me. But with an 80 degree day and these beautiful new kicks laying around, I knew I needed to throw together something good.
I've been excited about these shoes ever since yeswalker emailed me about trying out a pair of their shoes. I immediately started browsing, adding so so many to my wishlist, and then the tough process of deciding on just one pair. Right after ordering them, I texted my boyfriend to say, "I just got the most ridiculous pair of shoes yet...!" They're beautiful though, aren't they? And super comfy! I love the platform. It's so funky and like walking on rolls of toilet paper. That's the best analogy I could come up with. I couldn't think of anything else that was, essentially, a bouncy cylinder. You can find these shoes over at yeswalker here, or search through their other stock because they have so many beautiful shoes! I guess they have bags & accessories too, but SHOES. Also, free ship. I don't think anything makes me happier than a company with free shipping.
Okay, okay, that's enough now. But seriously, SHOES.
Something about the colour orange always makes me think of the 1970s, so I decided to play up that era a bit more. My aunt gave me this halter top last year so this is my first time wearing it. She sent it over with a bunch of clothes (e.g. this blouse, this other blouse, this other other blouse, this skirt, another blouse, and of course these shorts) however there was way too much for me to get to it all. So I'm going to make another attempt to this summer! All the stuff she sent over is '70s-era hippie, a lot of it is handmade, and all of it fits me like a glove. I love hand-me-downs
So, after that recent 15 year French study came out about how stupid and pointless (and possibly ageing) bras are, I've pretty much quit wearing mine. My breasts are hardly big enough for it to matter. I used to get all paranoid about nipping out, but who the Hell cares about nipples? The feminist in me predicts that this (a bra) is just another plot cooked up by some patriarchal white man who wanted to control women. So, screw him. I'm wearing a halter top! And no bra. Ha ha ha ha ha. (Also, guess who will save about $5 a year not buying bras now? Yupp, that's right - me.)
Besides the vintage top and the yeswalker sneakers, I'm wearing my favourite Guess cut offs and sunnies from here. I'm also rockin' the side pony again. Since it sort of almost mostly failed at taking on last summer, I'll try it again this summer. Everyone put your hair up in a side pony! Rock those ponies to the side!
When I put these shorts on today, after not wearing them for several months, I realised that I've lost a remarkable amount of weight since last summer/autumn. It was funny for me to realise this, too, after being told that I'm fat and need to lose weight in response to my last outfit post. I'm not sure where a girl who weighs 90 pounds and has a 23" waist is supposed to even lose weight from, so needless to say, I laughed away that ridiculous comment. Who even cares what my figure is like? I'm still gonna be wearing whatever I like.
So anyways, my main point was: for the past almost two years now I've been trying to gain ten pounds. I've been entirely unsuccessful and instead have lost about 15. Does anyone have tips on how to gain weight? I work out three to four times a week to keep my energy and appetite up, but it also seems to make my metabolism go crazy. Do protein shakes work? I need tips! I need to fit into my favourite clothes again!
Summer is here and I'm taking it back with a vengeance! Last summer was such a drag, this summer will be so much more productive. I already feel it. Thanks again to yeswalker for the sweet new kicks - expect to see a lot more of these bad boys - and everyone keep cool, stay strong, and be sweet xx
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Ivyanna Adams said...

Shorts with no tights? You little rebel!!. The weathers been quite good lately, tights are on hiatus. This looks reminds of the 70s and those shoes wow.


Tori Mears said...

You know what I'm gonna say before I said it, don't you?! That guys is repugnant (word of the day! - ok, word of the year for me, since I don't normally go beyond the basics). Although I'm not in the same sitch (abbreviation-city) I do feel for you - my bf, despite a healthy appetite, is someone who loses weight easier than gaining it (I think it's the result of an extremely active childhood from the age of 5 - gymnastics, ballroom and boxing - yup!) and I know how frustrating it can be if that's your goal because sometimes your body is just like, no, not gonna happen! He's not out of bed yet (8am here) but when he is I'll have a chat to him about what he thinks is best and get back to you. I'll probably tweet ya :p

That outfit?! Spectacular!! You look bloody fantastic (I haven't been able to rock a halter and shorts since about) and I frickin' love a good side-pony. I rocked them with you last Summer. No such luck this 'Summer' (we don't actually have them in the UK - just two days of hot sun in May that have already passed) because I lopped my hair off!!

Keit said...

Bahaha, absolutely agree about the bra, it's a torture device :D

Wow, amazing shoes girl!!!!!!! And the color *_* Incredible! And the shorts kick ass.

I've been trying to gain pounds too, with not that much of a success... -_-

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic! I too, have been not wearing bras in honour of that french study. It's just so much more comfy, and I think that boobs should be boob-shaped rather than bra shaped. You're very brave in your bare legs, I always get overexcited when the sun comes out and end up very cold xx

ariellauthentic said...

Weight gain:

Depends on what kind you're aiming for. Do you want muscle mass or fat?

For muscle, eat more protein and lift weights, heavy weights, for short reps (less than 10).

For fat gain, avoid exercise, fat and protein rich foods, and eat a lot of refined carbs (sugar, pasta, bread, dough, oats, cereal, rice, any grains at all), fruit juices and colas. Diet products are also especially effective at causing weight gain because they mostly reduce fat intake by increasing refined carbs/sugar to protect flavour. Gluten-free products also preserve flavour by switching more complex carb grains with refined starches (wheat flour switched for potato starch). You can also take an estrogen supplement.

Unfortunately, what you do to your body now at this younger age will program tendencies later in life. So if you seek to gain fat, gaining fat now will make it easier in the future and could become an opposite problem.

Continue fat/protein consumption with low carbs and your body will become even better at metabolizing fat in cells around in the body and you will remain thin forever.

It's better you don't manipulate your weight at all. Eat well/natural/cook our own food, and let your body do what it has millions of years of evolutionary knowledge motivating it to.

There's more detailed info on all this in books "Fat Chance" and "Health at Every Size".

Regine Karpel said...

You are so cute! Those heart sunglasses, I want them!

Carrie A. said...

It is a ultimate dream to not ever have to wear a bra again! But when you're "blessed" as they say, in that area, its hard to even go without wearing one, one day that goal will be reached!!

Imogen said...

Really stylish. I have been wanting heart shaped sunglasses for ages

Foodie said...

Try drinking smoothies made of a frozen banana/full fat yogurt (little less than a cup for each banana)/couple tablespoons of peanut butter/honey or agave or cinnamon to taste. You can drink it with meals, as a's simple and it's healthy fat/protein. Peanut butter on apples (or crackers, if you really want to stack the calorie count) will also help. Getting extra calories from fat and protein will make you feel better than getting it from sugar/refined carbs.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on setting your breasts free!

Allison said...

I had to gain weight a few years ago because I lost too much due to a side effect from medication. I went to a nutritionist who recommended that I drink ensure and eat some sort of power bar (cliff bar, power bar, etc) every single day. So eat breakfast, wait a few hours, drink an ensure, eat lunch, wait a few hours, eat a snack, wait a few hours, eat dinner, wait a few hours, eat a cliff bar. It took a while, but I did gain the 10 pounds back! Now, however, I hate cliff bars with a passion because it was just so much to have to eat everyday... A small price to pay for getting healthy again though. Also, my Uncle who is very thin had to bulk up when he wanted to join the Army and they told him to eat baby food.

Jess said...

This is going to be a love/hate relationship, you are so perfect! I also don't wear a bra. ESPECIALLY in the summer. It's too hot and boob sweat is the worst.

That's too funny, you are 30 pounds lighter than I am, and I was told I needed to eat a hamburger, ha. People are funny.