Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I leave for Paris in 6 days and wanted to get some inspiration in for my packing. I'm watching French movies and trying to consume as much French culture as possible before leaving (I don't want to look like some stupid American tourist, of course). So, here are some beautiful photos, looks, etc. for some Parisian influence. If anyone has suggestions of places to go in Paris/France, things to eat, things to buy, etc. I'd greatly appreciate it! There's so much and I'll be there for a month, so I don't want to miss a thing!

Sacré-Cœur by saygin.dogus
Garden of Marqueyssac, France
Hotel du nord by Louise
Lace & Glitter by Leeloo
Looks by Sessùn
Source Unknown
Trompe l'oeil by Tokyobanhbao
the girls in Paris by Alix
Source Unknown
Untitled by MADBAR


C. said...

I have always been a discreet follower but here, you speak of France and I am French !
I do not live in Paris, but I go regularly. All I can say is that I love Montmartre !
I hope you'll spend a good time ! I wish you a good trip !

(Ugh and I'm sorry, my english sucks I'm using Google Translate, ahah !)

Milex said...

well done, darling

Bianca said...

ah! have fun! I love Paris with all my heart, you'll love it too!

Tips: The French are forgiving, if you try to speak French they will enjoy the effort. They will help

Tip 2: if you forget your French and say english words with a "french accent"and by that I mean using the french sounds, and alphabet (not beauty and the beast characters) you'll be able to get by most of the younger kids speak english but somehow understand it better with the accent on top!

Tip 3: Mindsnacks has a french app which has definitely helped me bone up my francias!

Tip 4: check out this website for stuffs to do!

Ivyanna Adams said...

JEALOUS reader right here. Have fun Chloe

Susy Valencia said...

AH! That's so exciting! First off, have tons of fun. Secondly, I think the looks by Sessùn are amazing! Um, that's about it. I live in California, so I can't give outfit advice... but I follow a whole lot of UK bloggers. So, layers are most likely a must, skinny jeans and an oversized coat are really the norm. (that I've seen anyways) I just hope you have fun!

Hugs from CA!

bianca lolita said...

love your blog, dahhhling<3