Monday, May 6, 2013

they'll never hurt you like I do

I don't know if I should start out by apologising profusely or by just ignoring the fact that I went on an unannounced 3 week hiatus. Either way, I will say this: I've completed my 25 page senior paper and an 18 page term paper. The countdown is on: three more days of class, one more essay (which I get to analyse Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for, so I'm not even complaining), two take home essay exams, and one in-class exam (possibly two if I did horrid on my last communication theory exam - hopefully I didn't). This semester has seriously flown by! It may have been my quickest-feeling semester yet. It's insane to think that in 15 days I'll be on a plane to Paris to study gothic architecture! Gah, I still have to pack... I'm trying to bring only a few things, and for all of them to be positively French. I want to blend in and possess a certain je ne sais quoi. Any Parisians have tips? I need to look up what the weather will be like!
Either way, I most certainly will not be wearing this outfit on the streets in Paris! I love me my cutoffs and crop tops, but I'd stick out like a sore American thumb.
After warm weather, then snow, then rain, we finally have a day of weather in the 70s! I'd been waiting for some warmth to break out this new crop top from SwayChic. They sent it to me a couple of months ago along with this beauty but I never got around to showing off the former. So here it is! After some searching, I found it still in their stock (and on sale, so even better for you), so get your paws on this little crop here.
I decided to wear my new croppy (is that totally stupid or totally cool?) with some cut offs from little boy's jeans (I think from Gap, originally, but from a thrift store for a couple dollars), shoes from Wholesale Dress, my fav jacket from J.J. Basics, and brand new sunnies which you can find here.
The new weather is supa refreshing. I can't wait for summer! My last day at my job is on Friday, then finals, then I'm having a garage sale, then off to Paris, and I don't know what I'll do when I get home! I have my fingers crossed to be taking a web design course, and hopefully an internship. If any local businesses are looking for a communications intern, let me know! I'm tech savvy, ever so witty, and keen on just about everything. And I swear, I dress professionally sometimes. Right now I have my eye (and heart) on one for a progressive politician here in the Cities.
Anyways, enough of my chatter. Who wants that? Enjoy the rest of the photos which I took in the blinding sun! Since spring has sprung so late, none of the trees have leaves and everything was bright bright bright. I also am awful with a camera sometimes and so all the photos are overexposed. So enjoy that, too.
Thanks again to SwayChic for this badass crop. I was just browsing through their stuff and dying over the fact that I have no money. So many beautiful things! Check them out asap.
I promise that the 3 week hiatus is over. I'm here to stay and to update with goodies and to love you forever! Don't forget that you can now access me and my lovely thoughts on Twitter and I'm still on Facebook, too. I hope everyone can get out and enjoy the lovely weather happening in their area. Stay cool, friends xx


Jerome said...

That is a super cool croppy, lol, love it!

Jerome said...

oh, and, sorry, (I forgot), You're exposure is perfect for all your cuteness. YOU are the subject in the photos, after all, not the roadway, or other things in the background.

Ivyanna Adams said...

Welcome back Chloe, it has been too long. I've just handed in my dissertaion and last assignmnet EVER and boy does it feel good. Wish you all the best of luck in your exams and essays.



love your style... and your tattoo!!

Priya said...

Love this outfit! I need some effortlessly cool cut-offs like I've seen so many bloggers rock (and you have what like, 5 pairs?). I seriously almost don't believe they're thrifted because they fit so well!

perfectly priya