Tuesday, August 7, 2012

stubborn love

I think my new neighbours are extremely confused about me. They've been living next door for a few months now and haven't bothered to say a single word to me (even ignoring my hello's), but they do consistently see me outside with my tripod and camera...in the backyard, in the alley, along the side of the house... They've also seen me being escorted to and from the house by various men, teetering around in 5 inch heels, getting home at 4am singing Christmas carols in July.... I'm sort of a head scratcher for them, I think, especially considering I'm a 19 year old girl living with her parents. One of these new neighbours walked outside today while I was setting up the tripod. I said hi to him, only to receive back silence. Moses was rolling around in the grass and started whimpering for attention from the neighbour...he only looked at my dog, wrinkling his brow in confusion at him. You must be heartless in order to turn down attention from someone as cute at Moses... I have trouble really caring about what strangers think about me, but I certainly do get offended when they reject my dog's affections!
I've been a bit stumped fashion-wise lately. Everything I put on just isn't reflecting my mood and how I'm feeling. I'm just not feeling very happy or confident in my clothes lately. This was the best thing I could scrape together for today, after trying a million things on first. I've been very decade-inspired lately, namely from the '70s. It's probably due equal parts to watching "That '70s Show" reruns and also having my aunt bring over a bag full of clothes from her teen years (thanks for this blouse, auntie!).
I think this outfit is a bit of a mix of '70s hippie vibes, '80s colour, and '90s grunge. Whenever I'm stumped as to what to wear, I channel Molly Ringwald, which is precisely what I was doing today. The frilly collar of the shirt mixed with my MinkPink floral shorts, pearls, purple socks, and blue belt were all thanks to Molly. The vest and shirt were my '70s inspiration and the boots are '90s grunge. Yeah, a lot of brainwaves went into putting together this outfit....it's time I go back to university and do something more useful with my brain!
I had a function at church tonight as a thanks to the people who sponsored the mission trip to Guatemala that I just got back from. I was running a bit late from being out with a friend and had to go to church without changing into something more "appropriate." Not to mention, I was 30 minutes late. I sort of just waltzed in there saying, "Hey guys, I'm 30 minutes late, wearing short shorts, chomping down spray cheese, with a huge tattoo on my thigh, chipped nail polish and Disney Princess Band-Aids plastered all over my legs!" I'm always the height of class, obviously.
I'm one of those teenagers torn between being absolutely ridiculous and young but also being modest and a regular at church. Okay, I'm always going to be absolutely ridiculous. There's no way to stop that, but the modesty and appropriate behaviour doesn't always happen. I usually say whatever I want and am often caught doing totally inappropriate things in public. I go along with the "you only live once" type of mentality and so I'm very silly at times and usually toss off my actions as fairly meaningless in the long run of things. 
So, please enjoy the following completely ridiculous photos of me being silly and only living once. I'm talented at pulling faces:
What's missing from this picture???!!!???!!?!?!?
Ah, there he is!! I decided to let Moses join in on a few, seeing as he was feeling very rejected after the incident with the Heartless and Unfriendly Neighbour.
I'm still blogging awkwardly and uncomfortable from another computer. Hopefully my own laptop, Godfrey, will be fixed soon and back in my arms at last! In the meantime, I have the shopping bug and want some new clothes (but alas, have tuition to pay). I've been updating the Facebook page a lot with blogs and music that I'm digging at the moment, so make sure you check it out and add the blog! Till next time xx


My Gaby said...

amazing pictures! love so much your outfit!!!!


Julia Topaz said...

I too get offended/annoyed when people ignore my dog when she asks for their attention! You really would have to be heartless, like you say, to ignore an adorable little pup.

fizz said...

Those shorts are AMAZING!!! So cute! Love the whole outfit.


Hope Adela Pasztor said...

I love your shorts! Your style is so cute. Defiantly see the Molly Ringwald influence. =)


Deliciously Yours said...

I like this outfit :)

Selina said...

just found your blog and it seems very awesome...
love your shorts and your hair and your tattoo and actually the whole outfit just works and is lovable and great. Enough said.

Priya said...

Totally jealous of your new bag of old clothes! That stuff is the best! I'm inspired by your ability to be "you", no matter the circumstance, like church. I'm sure you rocked it, despite your feeling a little uneasy. You also seem to wear whatever you want all the time, which is awesome! Cheers for being absolutely ridiculous! Better than absolutely boring :) Thats it, I'm making all the crazy faces I want next time I take pictures!

perfectly priya

The Jones said...

Missed your Coke pics...but LOVED THEM!!! And these are great too...I don't know what you mean about style struggles, you're looking awesome to me. This top is really gorgeous, jealous!

<3 Cambria

Jamie Rose said...

Moses! He is so so cute! How could heartless neighbor ignore that face?
Also I love those shorts you're wearing and how you were inspired by so many eras. I too quite enjoy Molly Ringwald!