Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happiness Is...

Hmph. It seems that the end of my summer has been very busy all of a sudden. Between panicking about going back to school, being a slave to my job, and charming the socks off of the general public, I also went to the State Fair on Tuesday. The Minnesota State Fair is sort of a big deal 'round here. It's the second biggest fair in the United States and has about a bazillion different types of food on a stick. It's generally an all-around good time, if not rather unhealthy and a money suck.
Anyways, to get to my point: this is what I wore to the fair.
I listened to the weather before heading out and the weatherman (albeit, it was just a radio DJ reading off from some website...probably Yahoo! they're always inconsistent) claimed that it was going to be 94°F. I had a small panic attack and decided to wear some short shorts and tie up a tee shirt as a means of defense against the summer heat. Turns out, it was no where near that hot - The Hell! That's the last time I depend on them for my weather report! Anyways, so besides being underdressed for the Fair, it was a good time. I was extremely excited to wear this outfit. Check out the next photo & you'll see why...
I found these patches in the sale section at Jo Ann fabrics several months ago. I snatched them up with the idea of ironing them onto some jean shorts (and thus, turning them into something way too cool for school). Last week or whenever it was that I went thrifting with my friend Carrie, I scooped up several pairs of little boys' jeans (can't beat $1.50 a pop) and devoted one of the pairs towards my Snoopy & Woodstock patches. I am a very very happy girlie.
Since I wanted all the attention on the shorts, I wore a plain white Hane's tee and tied it up since word on the street was that it would be hot out. Today, when I took these photos, it was 91°F out...much better weather for tee shirt tying. I've been pretty steady with my "work out" routine and am rather happy with the results. Rock hard abs are coming my way, awww yeah. I've always been able to build muscle easily, I've just never dedicated any time towards working out. It's been helping me keep my stress down so hopefully I'll keep it up once semester starts in, ye gods, 5 days!
I also decided to put my bracelets from Guatemala back on. Some of my friends are still wearing their's and I was starting to feel guilty for having already taken mine off (even though it was for a professional event) so I put them back on.
In case you don't like my face, here's a photo of just simply the outfit. Though, I may have been making a funny face expression. In fact, that's more than likely.
 I'm off to the drive in tonight with a group of some of my favourite friends. Summer just isn't summer without a trip to the drive in! Speaking of summer, don't forget that the deadline for Summer of Sundresses is Saturday (2 DAYS) so email your photos now. It's your final chance, friends! I've also got a super sneaky give away planned, so keep your eyes peeled for that xx


Cambria said...

I love the knotted tops thing...I wear mine more with skirts because I'm mortified by the size of my thighs haha...but I love yours with the shorts/pants!

I went to the great State Fair too...and posted today ;) Perks of being in Mn, right?

<3 Cambria

circleofchaos said...

Wonderful and sexy outfit...I like it.*_*
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