Thursday, August 23, 2012

ghost world

I re-watched Ghost World the other night. I had seen it sometime last year but I think I must've been barely concious for it or something because I hadn't retained a whole lot from it. (Okay, I should cut myself some slack - when you see a movie once, you can't really expect to retain much of it.) So I rented it again and watched it one night when I got home from work. I figured that the teen angst-y-ness of the movie would reflect nicely with my typical feelings when I get off work - "I hate everyone" and such like that.
Anyways, the thing that struck me most about Ghost World this time around was the wardrobe. Enid's carefree outfits coincided nicely with my own mood about the current state of my wardrobe. But the thing I liked the most were the proportions - loose shirts, short skirts, and clunky shoes. Plus, there was always the perfect dose of kitsch. This was my take on the proportions of Enid's typical outfits.
This sweater was a gift to me from a boyfriend when I was 16. It's been way too big for me, hanging down to mid-thigh, but I always kept it around to wear to bed and to cuddle up in. It was also convenient for when a boyfriend slept over and needed something clean to wear the next day. After this past break up, I was going through my dresser drawers and came across this sweater. I thought to myself, "I don't ever want to wear this again and I also never want to see another boyfriend wearing it!" But at the same time, I loved the wash of it and didn't want to I cut it into a crop and also cut off the sleeves. Ta da! A whole new shirt for a whole new me.
I'm also wearing a little peace sign brooch that I made a few months ago. I had had a plastic peace sign necklace lying around for years, so I finally took the pendant part, painted it silver, and glued rhinestones all over it. I meant to post the before and after photos but then completely forgot too...hmm, I probably still have them on my computer somewhere.
Just me being too cool for school as usual.
I spent the better part of my day with my friend Carrie. We scoured a few thrift shops and then went back to my place to spend the evening bleaching and tie-dying in the driveway. It was more fun than it was successful, but I look forward to showing off some of the things I made. Carrie made a super-cool fuschia ombre sundress that I am absolutely demanding her to wear for the Summer of Sundresses.
Don't forget - send in a photo of you wearing your favourite sundress, along with your name, location and favourite summer activity. All submissions can be emailed to me at and will be posted at the start of September. I'm so excited to feature other readers on the blog again!


Rebecca said...

Really rally love the look, think it suits you!

Meera said...

This look is so cool! I love these photographs.