Friday, August 10, 2012

Je t'aime, mais rien de plus

Has anyone been watching the Olympics? I'm kind of behind on asking this, considering they end this weekend, but I'm addicted. Here're some brief thoughts: I love the gymnastics in particular. Gabby Douglas is the cutest thing on Earth. The pole vaulting is hilarious. Ryan Lochte interviews are also hilarious.
Anyways, I especially like sitting down on the couch with a huge bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce while I watch the games. Very American, no? The other day I was feeling inspired and did a couple of cartwheels in the backyard, which was spectacularly refreshing. But really, I feel cheated. I should have stuck with gymnastics when I was little, seeing as I am the perfect height to be tumbling around on a sweaty gym floor or tossed between uneven bars. My parents should have been more insistent that I stick with it...damn my poor attention span!
Anyways, now that I got my Olympic talk out of the way...this shirt is new. I went out with a couple of friends yesterday and ended up finding this shirt in the sale rack of Macy's. I don't usually go for shirts with too much graphic or distracting text, but something about this was sweet and simple...almost romantic. Not to mention, it's super soft and swingy. I love crop tops for the summer...maybe I'll be able to find a way to wear them in winter. But probably not, considering that I usually layer three shirts during the icy winter months. Oh well, it'll still be around in spring!
Look at that! I'm already getting ready for winter. I'm like a bear preparing for hibernation. I keep thinking about winter; What I will wear, what I want to do, how I'll become bitter about it getting dark at 4p.m. and about how awful it is waiting for a bus on those -5°F days. But I also love winter. It's romantic and cozy. There're cable knit sweaters and turtlenecks. Ice skating, snowmen, fuzzy boots, hot chocolate, Santa Claus and his reindeer, penguins, polar bears....okay, I live in Minnesota, scratch the last couple. But the rest are wonderful and glorious and can only come with cooler weather and snow.

But back to summer.
These shorts were shoved into the bottom of my drawer and so I had nearly forgotten about them. I recovered them the other day and made a mental note to wear them. Honestly, they're a bit short in the back for me to wear them without tights so I was waiting for cooler weather, but today presented an equal opportunity.
I had put tights on to wear at the event I was speaking at tonight and couldn't be bothered to take them off once I had put together tonight's outfit. That being said, I was lounging around the house and didn't feel like wearing a pencil skirt whilst lounging. (How many more times do you think I can use the word "lounge" in this blog post?) Enter, the shorts. Remember when I DIY-ed these last year? You don't?!?! Well, now you can. Despite being way-too-short in the behind area, they're super comfy, perhaps because of the chintsy stretch-denim fabric.
I'm actually disappointed that I didn't get to wear this outfit for longer. I'm going to need to find a good excuse to wear this out, since I like it so much. And yes, I know I'm wearing those shoes happy that I'm not also wearing the leather vest!
I'm out of town for the rest of the weekend, so I'll catch you on the flipside (whatever the heck that means)! xx


Bad Taste Toast said...

You have so pretty legs Cloe, so don't get me wrong, but: you could wear a goddamn bikini bottom in public and still look great! ;) So don't worry about the shorts being too short (haha short shorts, funny), as long as the most important parts are covered, everything is fine with the shorts (and they look SO awesome with the colour and studs!) :)
Also I love the t-shirt to bits, it's indeed one of these simple and cute pieces to throw on and feel good - especially when it is soft and breezy.
And the shoes, well I would wear the hell out of them too because they are amazing!

SafiyaMarie said...

Just caught up on your last three posts, man I need to log onto my laptop more often! I am absolutely loving this outfit, you look so cute! J'adore votre t-shirt!

Eat.Style.Play said...

I just found your blog! I like it A Lot!!

The Jones said...

Lovely legs! Those tights are amazing. And yes, Gabby is the cutest...but must say I've been loving rythmic gymnastics most of all :)

<3 Cambria

Priya said...

HAS anyone been watching the Olympics?! Why yes, almost too much of it! I was enjoying synchronized swimming and diving last, it's really fun to watch. As are Ryan Lochte interviews, HA! Along with you and seems to be the rest of the blogging community, I am SO ready for cooler weather. I couldn't figure out why I love it so much, but you are right on: it is romantic and cozy. Sweaters! Ah! I'm ready!!

perfectly priya

Aletheia said...