Friday, August 17, 2012

The Only Living Boy in New York

Minnesota has recieved its first taste of autumn, with chilly weather and ferocious winds. On several occasions yesterday, I found myself wrapping my arms around myself in an attempt to keep warm. I also found myself, on several occasions, absolutely blinded by my hair blowing into my eyes.
I had the overwhelming need to wear these acid wash pants. Last week I did a talk at Ridgedale Center about back to school trends - one of them being an early '90s Saved by the Bell trend. I could talk forever about different pop culture figures in relation to fashion, and I got a small chance to chatter about Kelly Kapowski and AC Slater on Friday night at the event. Afterwards, I was very eager to give the trend another go. I had also just watched Home Alone and was very excited to jump into my nearest pair of acid wash and cozy sweater. The cooler weather presented just that opportunity!
My outfits are usually much more involved than this. I like the simplicity of wearing just jeans, a sweater, and my favourite beat up old tennies. I also added a triple strand gifted to me by a reader and my favourite brown satchel which I snagged from my auntie at a garage sale several years ago. I love this purse because it fits loads of stuff and matches just about everything.
I'm already excited to wear these jeans more this fall. I found them on sale when I was 15 or 16, back when I was going through a "Cheap Monday makes the best jeans ever" phase. And I mean, it's true...these jeans are fucking awesome, let's not get each other wrong, but Cheap Monday skinny jeans are definitely designed for people without hips...or a butt. This could be said of a lot of jeans, though.
Moses wanted to come for a few photos! What a sweetie.
I just started Boardwalk Empire....I'm still not sure what to think of it. I love the clothes and the sets and the realities of the 1920s, but it's also so graphic, violent, and there's loads deragatory language. That being said, I do love when Steve Buscemi says "Jesus!" That man has a sort of charisma to him that's impossible to put a finger on and whenever he swears, it has a sort of humour to it.
Has anyone else watched Boardwalk Empire? Is it worth it to keep watching? I think I'm on episode 4 right now...
See, I wasn't kidding when I said my hair was going crazy in the wind! I hear it's even chillier outside today, I look forward to going on a stroll before bouncing off to work this evening.
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My Gaby said...

casual & beautiful!

The Jones said...

Actually...I think your butt looks great in these jeans...can I say that without being creepy?! Wish I had your figure, you wanna talk hips, talk to me :P It is nice having fall weather here isn't it? I just love cozy clothes, rich dark colours, and layering. Hooray for approaching Sept!!!

<3 Cambria

COPPER GARDEN // UK Fashion + Beauty Blog said...

I love your hair, its crazy but in a really toned down sort of way.. xx

Eda. said...

You look lovely darling, such forgeous hair and what a cute poochy!

Eda ♥

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Burn That Dress said...

The wind never blows my hair back all beautiful, it always always always manages to smack me in the face and blind me. You seem to be having the same problem apparently. But at least you can dress all comfy in sweaters.

Rachel Sullivan said...

Real classy outfit!
I can't find jeans to fit my dumb thighs, usually, but those look good on you!


SafiyaMarie said...

sometimes I think casual outfits are the best. I love those acid wash jeans so much! Going to add that on my wish list, though I always struggle to find jeans that actually fit the curve of my back due to being blessed/cursed with an ample backside. I might have to invest in some Italian cut jeans. Oh if only I had the money!

Low Couture said...

i love this entry. nothing beats an old pair of tennis shoes. kudos on the photography, too.

x Peter

Hannah | MARIBLEU said...

Lovely outfit. And your dog is adorable! Awwww ;D