Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Best Girl

At the start of the summer, I made a list of things I wanted to buy for summer 2012. Okay, it wasn't so much a list as just two things circulating in my head: roller skates and a typewriter.
I feel like my entire existence on Earth lately has been to be as charming as possible to the general population. Now, I'd rather not have to associate with the population for them to find me charming, so instead I'll just look charming by appearance which means roller skating around the neighbourhood and sitting in the yard writing love stories on a typewriter. Earlier this summer, I installed a bike basket on my beloved pink Schwinn, thinking, "I will charm the socks off of Saint Paul if I ride through the streets with puppies or cupcakes or flowers in my bicycle basket!" Now the weird thing is, I don't have any idea where this desire to seem charming came from. I think I was just getting tired of being some angsty teenager stomping around in platform boots with a scowl on my face. Wait, was that ever really me? It's rare to find me without some big fat grin, rosy cheeks, and hair in curls. So this brings me back to my original point: I have absolutely no idea where this desire for charm came from.
I've been feeling a bit down and out lately so yesterday when a friend insisted upon seeing me I said, "Okay, but we're going shopping!" I'm pretty stereotypical when it comes to retail therapy. I had my summer shopping list in hand (or head): Roller skates and a typewriter, along with the additions of elastic and Nancy Drew book 5.
I threw on this little blue skirt & vest set that my aunt gave to me from her own collection (hey - the shirt was from her as well!). I adore it to pieces. The fabric is beautiful and in this wonderful cerulean blue colour. It's very '60s back-to-school and even reminds me a bit of some sort of preppy thing that Nancy Drew would wear. But let's be realistic: I've convinced myself that I am Nancy Drew and thus, everything I wear reflects the super sleuth also... I topped the outfit off with these fabulous new Doc Martens I found at the thrift store. Brand new with a big fat buckle and a chunky heel. It was love at first sight and, coincidentally, fate because they were exactly my size.
Dressed for the day, my friend and I set out...and as it turned out, blue was my lucky colour yesterday! I found Nancy Drew 6 - 9 at a stellar price (not number 5 though, which puts a small hole in my collection), then bounced over to the fabric store to pick up elastic and find a bargain priced fabric for a new back-to-school skirt. After that, we headed over to the antique mall to search for treasures. Right off the bat, we happen upon this blue typewriter!
I also found this great new bag! It has many pockets and is perfect for textbooks or overnight stays. Not to mention, it's a fabulous colour and in perfect condition. I'm so exciting to be toting this around campus in just a couple of weeks!
I wasn't about to settle for just any typewriter: I was insistent upon either a blue or a pink one. It turned out to be rather lucky to run across this blue one! There was only one other typewriter in the store (black) and when I asked the antique-obsessed-shopkeeps about the typewriter, they were very enthusiastic. I asked if they ever saw pink ones in the shop, which I got a firm no on, and then asked if they got many blue ones. Nope. And this one was excellently priced at $60 (I checked upon returning home, typewriter in hand and hole in wallet). I don't usually spend that much money and especially not on just one item, but since I only had two things on my summer shopping list, I thought Why the Hell not! I haven't had much time to write with it yet, but I think tomorrow night might present the perfect opportunity.
I have My Best Girl with Buddy Rogers and Mary Pickford out right now. Buddy Rogers is beyond cute (and Minnesotan!) but Mary Pickford drives me nuts. I'll admit I already watched the movie on Friday night, half asleep and delirious from my day at work, so I'm going to re-watch it tonight. It was such a beyond adorable movie...I'm already excited to see it again!
Don't forget to send me a photo of you in your favourite summer dress for the Summer of Sundresses event! Deadline is next Saturday and all entires can be emailed to me at I've been really enjoying the ones I've recieved and look forward to featuring them. I'm also looking forward to featuring a back-to-school care package giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled for that! In the meantime, enjoy the last bits of summer and keep cool kiddies xx


My Gaby said...

Sooo amazing!

CarrieAnn said...

I've got a Smith Corona typewriter too!! :D But I ned to buy some ink for it and just haven't gotten around to it yet :( Soon stories will unfold!!

Paperstars said...

I love your hair, and the blue is gorgeous!

The Jones said...

Dittos on this whole concept of charming-ness...lately I've been feeling like free blogging merchandise and seasonal sales have tempted me away from my vintage roots to...well...less charming clothes and house decor. I really feel this need to toss out my closet (and half the decor in my living room) and start buying corsets and whimsical porcelain knickknacks. Good thing I have your Schwinn, typewriter, Nancy Drew craze, and cerulean suit for inspiration.

<3 Cambria

Clara Campelo said...

lovely hair!

carrie jade said...

i love this post! the cutest outfit and the best purchase. i used to have a light blue typewriter, until it somehow went missing when my family moved. you will have so much fun with it. such a treasure!

Rockster1039 said...

That case is great. My typewriter is in fine shape, but the hinge on the case is rusted to all hell :(

Burn That Dress said...

That has got to be the coolest outfit! You should call it you blue period(oh yes I went there and made a lame art joke >_<). Seriously though, it is great!!!!
I'm pretty amazed you found those shoes at the thrift store, hold on to those little jems.

Also, I second the need, errr want, for a typewriter and roller skates.