Monday, January 27, 2014


I called out of work today because it's a "feels like" temp of 40 below outside. Well, I didn't really "call out" - I worked from home and am going in tomorrow instead. I thought about it all night and finally agreed with my parents and boyfriend that it was best that I didn't go outside today. I'm so small and get chilled to the bone so easily - plus, with my commute, I'm standing outside waiting for the bus for 15 - 30 minutes! So, instead, I woke up and decided to attempt victory rolls again! I was inspired when I saw a pin on Pinterest for a tutorial that that girl from Sea of Shoes did a while back (although I'm not going to link directly to it because her blog is impossible to navigate/I don't want to search thousands of posts back trying to find it). It'd been a couple of years since I'd so much as even attempted doing victory rolls because they never turned out well and just made me all frustrated & angry at how uncooperative my hair is. After an hour of struggling, teasing, and brushing out my curls, I finally got two little victory rolls accomplished and looking relatively tidy! And after about 30 Youtube tutorials, I think I've finally got the motion & direction of the curl down and am already eager to try victory rolls again.

Because of this new hair accomplishment, I decided to take some photos so that I will always be able to remember the glory of my first victory rolls. Maybe I'll use these photos for my Christmas card next year - "Happy Holidays from Chloe & Victory Rolls! From my family to yours..." Seriously though, I'm ecstatic!

In addition to some photos of my victory rolls, my mind is also overflowing with thoughts. Thoughts on blogging, thoughts on February, thoughts on things I want to accomplish.... So read along to those thoughts or just look at the photos - or leave the blog entirely if neither option appeals to you.

The other day I booked my flight to go visit my sister in Arizona near the end of February. Arizona hadn't really appealed to me until I saw the weather report - 70 degrees & sunny! Jeez. That, and my sister has been texting me constantly asking me to come down. My sister and I are not close by any measure of the word and we have little sisterly bond between us. Most of our relationship over the past 20 years has been cattiness and criticism, and I regret to say that some of that is on me. My sister has rarely said anything nice to me, but the other day she sent me a long text which was somewhat nice (somewhat a crack at my boyfriend), to tell me that I'm a smart, beautiful, independent woman (!!!!) with a good head on my shoulders. Yeah, she then went on to say that I tend to date down and my boyfriend doesn't deserve me but whatever. My boyfriend just said, "Yeah, I have to agree with your sister on this one" so that's that. And so, after she seemed to like me all of a sudden, I booked a flight and she's been texting me all excited & such with what we're going to do for the 4 days I'm down there. I'm already excited - plus, 70 degrees & sunny!

My boyfriend and I are also planning a trip to visit his parents in Reno, where it's reportedly been in the 60s, and I'm already excited to get back to the mountains. I never grew up anywhere near mountains and didn't see my first until I visit Taos, New Mexico when I was 11. But ever since then, I've been in love and my soul yearns to be among the majestic creatures.

It will nice to get out of town for a little while. I haven't had a break since the middle of June when I got a week to visit some friends & family in Geneva and London. That little trip was sandwiched between May term and summer term, and then I launched into fall term and graduated, and have since been putting my all into my internship. Add onto that my boyfriend being in ill health since August, and I'm just wiped. I'm fully ready to get out of Minnesota for a few days and be able to focus, breathe deeply, and take things one little bit at a time.

In addition to those couple little trips, I've also been thinking a lot about launching a new blog. I'm so excited for this new page in my blogging life! I would love to get the blog up around the beginning of February and so I have hired my boyfriend to help brainstorm names for the blog. So far, he's been rather unhelpful, with suggestions ranging from "Rural Prude" to "Chloe: The Final Frontier". In my mind, all I keep thinking is "Tackling Adulthood". I keep trying to get out of that box and try brainstorming new names, but for whatever reason, "Tackling Adulthood" just seems to be it. I've gotten a bit of criticism for it and I understand why. It's not nearly as fun and trendy as "Urban Tease" but oh well. I don't want my new blog to be strictly a fashion blog and I don't want an artsy name with a flower or a bird or something French in the title. I want it to be slightly gritty, slightly straightforward, not too trendy or generic. I don't want it to just be another fashion blog where you can't even remember who writes it because the name sounds exactly like 5000 other blogs. 

I've spent a lot of time thinking about possible names and I always come back to "Tackling Adulthood". Maybe this means that I should go with my gut. Or maybe it means that I'm uninspired. This is a big leap! I don't want to be that girl who starts a new blog every few years simply because the title no longer applies to her life. (Though I think I'll still be tackling adulthood well into my thirties.)

With my life in balance now that my boyfriend is back home and showing so much improvement, and now that the big special event at work is nearly here and over with, I'm starting to think about what I can do for myself. I've been so focused on work and catching up with my boyfriend, I haven't given much though to what I want. It's easy for me to forget about myself and put the needs of others first. I find it very difficult to breathe and let go of other people's expectations for me, but sometimes I just need to put myself first and do what's best for me. And so, since I take joy in the small things in life, I've decided to begin putting together a small list of things I want to accomplish this spring.

1. Learn to drive. I took driver's ed and got my permit when I was 16, but then my father would never teach me to drive. My mom doesn't have her license and my sister was not 21 (or sober ever, really). After I turned 18 and you no longer have to have a parent sign that they've driven with you or whatever it is they have to do, I started telling myself that I'd save my money and hire a professional to teach me. But then the idea of getting into an empty car with a strange man I don't know didn't really appeal to me. So I put it off. And I've kept putting it off. However, now I'm going to learn. My boyfriend has been offering for a few months now and I'm finally in a place where I feel like this is a possibility. I'm a nervous driver but my boyfriend is so sweet and has never ever once risen his voice at me (or been angry with me, really) so I feel comfortable driving with him - even though I'm terrified to drive!

2. Make pretzels! I've pinned dozens of pretzel recipes on Pinterest and now I finally want to start making them! I started simple last week and tried to make pretzel rolls, but my boyfriend forgot they were in the oven and got them out 20 minutes late. It was more like eating a pretzel breaded with rock, but oh well - first attempt only!

2. Master the victory roll. I want to get victory rolls down to a tee so that I can do them in a few minutes early in the morning and wear them to work and such. They're such a fun look and I'm starting to get bored of my hair which is not a good sign!

I'm so excited for February and feel a boost of creative energy and ambition coming with it! For tonight however, I am going to cuddle down and watch some TV, drinking tea and snacking on cookies. I'm also going to clean the fish tank because my fish Myrna just died a tragic death at the hands of a parasite and I'd really hate for Bubba & Vincent to get sick also. I've already killed 3 fish in 2014, and let's keep it at that!

I think this week I'm going to attempt making pretzel rolls once more and maybe go out for my first driving lesson with my boyfriend - yippee! What type of small goals have you made for yourself this year? Or big ones, too! But, big goals are accomplished in small steps.


Anonymous said...

Chloe, you are a striking beauty!

Jerome Monsen said...

Hi, Chloe1
are you sure you want to start learning to drive in our winter weather?
Love the curls!! and the black and whites! are you thinking Pinup?
oh, but if you call it "Tackling Adulthood" you really limit your topic, and yes, of course you'll have to change the name again sometime.
YOu don't like artsy fartsy like "taking flight" or Ascent?
(waiting for some pretzels)
Wow, go visit your sister, it's good she has plans for your four day, make sure you are rested before you go, but this will be good for you and her!

Anonymous said...

Chloe, Love the curls. Maybe you should keep thinking on the new blog name. I think you can come up with something that has a little more of your personality. Good luck with the driveing. I was and still am a nervous driver, it's ok to be nervous it makes you careful. Just don't panic.

Izzie said...

you look wonderful! xo

Susy Valencia said...

You look freakin' amazing with the Victory curls. But I know what you mean, I tried, got frustrated, and didn't even get close to the look. It's safe to say I stay close to the "pony tail look". You and your boyfriend should take a trip to California. It'a always all sorts of warm here. And I quite like the name for the new blog. I've been wanting to find a blog where the blogger is finding themselves and fumbling like the rest of us while sharing it with the world. I can't wait to hear when it's out.

And good luck with the driving lessons. I know I have to get my license too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, How about ' Pieces of Chloe" ??

~K said...

I love a nice long post to get my teeth into. I'm not close to my siblings either and I think I have grown out of wishing for any closeness between us. We are very different, like chalk and cheese different and every meeting if rife with criticism and animosity. But that's family I guess. You don't miss what you never had and all that.
It sounds like your sister wants to spend time with you but maybe she (and you?) have forgotten how to talk to each other without critiquing and such. That can be fixed and your trip sounds like a wonderful time to do that.

It sounds as though your boyfriend is getting better. I'm happy for you! I hope things continue to get better for him and you both.

I think for your new blog you should do as you please. If 'tackling adulthood' is what you want then go for it. It's a nice, simple title and i would read a blog with that title. It's relatable. I would see it and think 'hey, me too!'. That's just my thoughts though.

I need to make some time for me too. I like your idea of writing the list. I made a little step forward today and booked a little spontaneous holiday from work next week. I like your goals and I wish you luck. This year I would like to try and make some clothes, a simple skirt and dress is on my list. I have been really interested in it and getting lots of inspiration from Annika of Pineneedle Collective.

Good luck to you and I loved reading your in depth posts. I love reading all your long posts!


Aubree R said...

You have such a lovely blog. Happy to say I'm your newest follower! :)

xo Aubree

Caramel Latte Kiss said...

Love the rolls, they look great. What is the lipstick you're wearing here? The colour is stunning.

Priya said...

the Victory rolls look great, these are such beautiful pictures! I definitely do not have enough patience to do something like this with my hair.

ah, siblings. I'm hoping you guys will become a lot closer as you get older, a lot of times that's the case. anyway, I'm glad you'll get to go see + hang out with her in waaarm weather! that'll be fun.

perfectly Priya

lily kate said...

Your victory rolls look fabulous, well done! I can imagine that having a sister can be difficult; my brother and I fight quite a bit but I don't think I'd cope very well with another girl. Glad to hear your boyfriend is doing better! The law about driving is so different in the US to the UK - here there's no such thing as driving ed and you can only learn (at 17) by going to a driving school, so getting in the car with a stranger is just how everyone does it. No big deal I suppose when it's the done thing, but I can imagine it's odd over there!

I've included you on my 'bloggers who write beautifully' post and included a screenshot and a link, so I hope that's ok!
lily x