Sunday, September 27, 2009

lightsabers & doc martens

Ah, I'm getting so bad about updating Urban Tease. And this photo is so unflattering. But, alas, it is all I have to show for the past week (or has it been two?!). The photo was taken down by the Mississippi River by my friend Nora. The university campus is right along the river, which is lovely, because then you can just skip on down there for some studying (or romping through the field, which is more of what I have been doing). My friends & I have been exploring the area, scouting out the best study areas. Okay, actually just my friends. When I'm away in photo class, they go exploring & then bring me to the newfound places the next day. We've been learning about early American explorers in American History, and apparently it's been releasing the inner-Conquistador in my friends.

I find dressing for Uni strangely easy & un-stressful. However, wearing a skirt can be a problem because I've experienced a Marilyn-moment on more than one occasion (which I've usually managed to pull off with the utmost dignity) and I've developed a few new blisters on my feet from various shoes (these Docs, to be one of the culprits).

This week I begin Czech language classes & I'm printing some film photos in the darkroom. Last week, I developed my first roll of film (taken with my grandfather's lovely Pentax KX, pictured). Cannot wait to put those up here, I think I got a few really good ones. I also have to do a post about some recent purchases (can you say plaid skinny pants?!) and my atrocious karate uniform (photos will be included, jeje).

Well, off to read some of Changes in the Land, most boring book ever. Looking forward to writing that 4-6 page thesis on it & being done with it forever. I have a job interview at Aeropostle on Thursday, wish me luck!


Samantha said...

Thanks for the add! :)
Good luck with your interview on Thursday! :D

Lizz said...

Great outfit!
good luck by the way
is that skirt from Target? I think I've seen similar from there

Emma said...

ahhh I love your style those shoes, skirt and top are amazing!!! Your hair also looks really good :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think that's the most wondrous thing about college - the freedom to dress as you please without people really caring. I absolutely adore your look here - very fun and casual; yet it reflects your personality.

Good luck getting through the most boring book ever. Do they have CliffsNotes that you could peruse instead of muddling through the entire tome? :)

The Fashion Tape said...

Wow, all that time ago you were already writing Soren!!!! It's really ineresting reading through your old stuff,I think you have got a lot better now, for sure.
p..s Thank you for your get well greetings.

Katie said...

I love your blog. It's so clean and organized!!! I found it on Teen Vogue's girl on the week. Congrats. I am so following you