Tuesday, December 14, 2010

finals & excessive amounts of snow

Finals week is approaching, or rather it has approached, and I'm completely stressed in every way possible (I do not recommend going through a huge dramatic break up right before finals - I appreciate your guys' nice comments :3). And so, I'm de-stressing in the most realistic way possible - shopping! After biology lecture today, I ran over to the University of Minnesota store for a pair of mittens. The adult mittens were too big for my baby hands so I scurried on over to the kids section for identical mittens in a smaller size.
I also ran across this sweatshirt, which I really liked. I love kids sized sweatshirts (not hoodies) because they're so cozy and warm without looking bulky. I hate drowning in my clothes, which happens so much because I'm insanely petite!

After I had chosen my sweatshirt and mittens, I turned around and BAM! Socks. How could I help myself? I loved these knee high ones, with the gophers on them. The U of MN has this really ugly footballing gopher for their mascot. I have a million t-shirts with that guy on them. Anyways, knee highs aren't convenient in every situation, so I also went on to pick out a pair of ankle socks. What can I say? I love socks.

As a side note: I am literally wearing a pair of wooly tights, a sweatshirt, and knee high socks. I apologize for this hot mess look (especially the awful slept-on hair). This was my stay-home-and-intend-to-study-but-actually-watch-Dr-Phil-and-eat-ice-cream outfit.

On Friday night, the snow hit. This is the view from the highway on the way to work (don't worry I wasn't driving). Visibility was nearly zero, you couldn't even see the Mall of America, even when you were right up to it. The Mall closed 4 hours early that day, after city buses, hotel shuttles, & taxis quit running. All in all, we got something like 17" of snow and the Vikings metrodome roof fell in.

After work, still in my work uniform, I took my puppy for a walk. I ended up having to carry him through the snow, which varied between knee height and waist deep. At one point I fell down and got covered with snow while holding Moses. He won't let me take him out on winter walks now. Trust shattered.

Now we're suffering from below zero temperatures, however I've found that I'm fully adapted to winter and am hardly even cold in sub-zero temperatures. That said, I wear 3+ layers wherever I go, so that may have something to do with it.

As a last note before I actually do begin my final paper which is due tomorrow, Chris Fox drew this wonderful doodle of me chilling in the waist deep snow.


Chris said...


I love that intense Minnesota outfit though! :D How prideful.

Meisha Marie said...

you are just so darn cute. i love all of the college pride clothes. i really should get some school spirit going..

Bealerr said...

wait, YOU'RE living in the part of America where the snow made the roof of the stadium collapse?! wow i feel connected, that was on the BBC London news last night... wiiiieeeeeerd.

also good luck with finals and i hope you feel ok after the break up x

mathilde said...

oh brrr!
good luck with all the tests!