Friday, January 6, 2012

My New Year's Resolution: 2012 Edition, Part One

2011 started off great. I was feeling confident and happy. I had just gotten out of a relationship that had gone sour and the whole world was mine. It was an exciting time (I secretly love being single!) but it was also marked with 40 hour work weeks, full time schooling, 5:30am wake ups, and mono. I found myself a wonderful new companion, went on a trip to New Mexico, graduated high school, and backpacked across Europe. When I came home from Europe, I was 10 pounds heavier than when I left. But I felt great! I was healthy. My hips had gotten wider, my thighs more muscular, but I cheerfully donated all of my now too-small jeans.

Since all of this happened, I started yet another semester at college, and most certainly my most unhappy semester. It was plagued with loneliness, sadness, extreme tiredness, and stress. My weight has been up and down and I've often been feeling fat, unhealthy, and out of shape. This is, of course, ridiculous. I'm less than 100 pounds (keep in mind that I'm only 5 feet tall, but this is still very light!) and I should absolutely not be feeling this way. I've never been stick skinny, I've always had chubby legs and babyface. But I'm upset with myself for letting it ever get so far as putting myself down for how I look.

So here is my New Year's Resolution, Part One. I will try to surround myself with photos of "real" women. No more starving, stick thin models, but rather people who eat and are merry, not giving too much consideration as to how many calories they're consuming. So here I am to start off 2012 with a collection of photos to demonstrate the type of women who will represent my 2012!

NO MORE girls who look like this, with chicken legs, skeleton hands, and a great deal of Photoshop!

Clara Bow is a wonderful example of a woman with a beautiful body. Her weight went up & down her entire life (as well as her mentality), but she never let it take away from her sex appeal.

Raquel Torres: no collar bones sticking out and her thighs touch...but she's not letting it stop her!

Dorothy Dickinson showing off the hips of a real woman.

Marilyn Monroe, one of my favourite icons, who was blessed with a fantastic body.

Alice White, looking cute as ever, but not worrying about sucking in her stomach or making herself look overly "sexy."

This is only part one of my resolution to feel 100% better about my body image. There's much more to come, but I won't bore everyone with what I have to say. More will come soon, and in the meantime, I'd love to hear your guys' own resolutions, or how you keep your self esteem soaring!


alex boutrous said...

i can completely relate to this! as someone who's been in a similar situation it makes complete sense. i really admire you for this, and especially for writing about it!

xoxo alex.

Sarah Dee said...

What a refreshingly great goal! Good luck ;)

<3 Sarah

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

I'm five feet tall as well and I've always been at a sort of war with my body. Mind you that, senior year of high school and freshman year of university, I let my weight get up to 155 which was so unhealthy. I've since surrounded myself with inspiration photos (not that tumblr 'thinspiration' junk either, but classic bombshells, Marilyn being my ideal) and have gotten down to a somewhat more healthy weight of 135. I'm still over my goal size, but this year I've decided to train to run a 5k on March 10th and to work out, focus on toning up, rather than obsess over losing weight. Weight weight weight... honestly, so many of us spend so much energy on it when this energy could be better spent on toning our bodies and improving our health.

I apologize for the length of this comment. I just really like your goal.

Sara said...

Wonderful! i also want to tone up my body a bit, it's not that i think i'm overweight, i just want to save myself from becoming overweight. Maybe lose a few pounds haha. i eat a lot of junk food. Good luck with everything!

Copper Garden said...

Good luck :)


two birds said...

what a fantastic resolution. it took me all of 30 years to finally get to that place...and i still have my days! i would, however, rather have the body of any of these beauties pictured over the first model. i like a little curve! and you, my dear, are absolutely gorgeous, and i hope you know that! happy new year!

Erin said...

It's funny that you think you have chubby legs, I've always thought, seeing your blog posts, that your legs were very slender. But regardless of anyone's size, your goal is a good one!

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing a a "real woman." Curves don't make a woman! Women can be stick thin too.