Tuesday, October 22, 2013

change in wind

I wish that I was here to say that I GOT A DOG. But I'm not. I'm here to say I'M DOGSITTING A DOG! She's a little yorkie named Olive Oyl and is absolutely sweet. She loves cuddling up and giving kisses, so obviously my favoruite type. The other night I even snuck her into the grocery store because she fits right under my arm and happily stays there. She sleeps with me every night and does this cute little army crawl up to my face to give me kisses periodically throughout the night. Anyways enough about Olive Oyl (though isn't she the cutest?!) - this blog is about my personal style (or something) right??

It's suddenly gotten very cold out. Yesterday & today were something like 34° and it was even snowing as I headed into work yesterday - wonderfully fresh little flakes of pre-winter bliss. The point of saying all of this? It is officially sweater weather. And jacket weather. Be prepared!

I am rather excited for sweater weather because I've recently gotten quite a few rather fab sweaters. This animal silhouette print being one of them. It was my aunt's and I scooped it up at the garage sale last May. It's totally amazing and super warm, which is always a massive plus when functionality is just as good as physicality. (If you live somewhere like California or Texas or Florida where this is never a issue, then please find yourself very lucky and never complain about having to wear light sweaters or jackets - YOU WILL NEVER KNOW.)
Unfortunately, when sweaters are very warm they are usually very scratchy because they tend to be 100% wool or something awful like that (are you beginning to understand the trade-offs of sweaters?). I layered this really old bengal striped button down underneath. It's old and faded, tattered and stained, but you'd never know with only the collar showing. Or at least that's what I tell myself every time I clean out my closet & cannot bear to part with it.

I'm also wearing my BB Dakota jacket which is pretty much the best thing about the change in seasons. It's not quite winter-appropriate, but it's great for transitioning, has a hood for rainy days, and is fleece lined to keep you nice & toasty. It's also, coincidentally, the one that Bella wore in Twilight. Is Twilight still a thing? Like do people care about that anymore? I think I did for about 5 days when I was 14 - I remember because I was off to Florida to meet my cousins for the second time in my life and my cousin Millie and I bonded over reading them.
But this jacket is awesome. Don't let the Twilight connotation ruin it for you. Just think about me wearing it from now on, since I am ah-mazing.

I'm off to cuddle with this little pup, eat ice cream and brownies, and make some cards for my friends who are hurting. Something must be going around lately - there's been a lot of people sick, losing loved ones, struggling deeply with depression and substance abuse issues... I mean, there usually are, but it seems like it's all come to surface for several people in my life all at once. Either way, I'm going to make some cards for all of them. It's the least I can do to ease the pain, and help the United States Post Service while at it. I hear they're suffering pretty hard these days, too.


Carrie A. said...

Chloe, I think its time you got a puppy!! You just light up whenever ones around!

Jamie Rose said...

Aww. Hooray for dogsitting! Dog cuddling is the best. As for this outfit, I think it's awesome. That sweater is the coolest sweater in all the land! I also really love your jacket even if it has Twilight relations. It's classic and such a pretty color.

Sonya Mann said...

You look lovely, and that's one precious pup! The name Olive Oyl is super cute, too :) It's nice that you send letters--I like sending and receiving messages via snail mail.

Designer Inspired Handbags said...

Love this look. Too hot, love the tights.

Thistle said...

I'm in love with the colors in this post. Even the puppy matches! (but puppies match everything, amiright?)

Annika Victoria said...

That sweater is FLIPPING AMAZING.

Laura Whitman said...

SO adorable - I love that sweater! And those thigh-highs are perfect! Oh man, Twilight - what a blast from the past. The jacket is pretty great though!