Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Decorating

I've been busy decorating the house for Christmas. Over the years, my family has built up a lot of Christmas decorations, many because of me, as you might imagine. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is decorating the tree - something that my mother assigns me to do as it's tedious and we have so many decorations - because it's like greeting all these tiny little memories year after year, displaying them and recounting them annually, then packing them away until the next merry December when you can take them back out and hold them like precious pieces of your life. A lot of the ornaments on the tree are hand made by my mother, aunt, grandmother, great aunts, and yes, even a few that my sister and I crafted. A tree wouldn't be complete without those glittery stars with pre-k photos pasted on them haphazardly.

I wanted to share some of my favourite ornaments and decorations on the blog. It's Christmas Eve and a good time to remember some of those little memories and take delight at the ornaments hung with care for a few weeks of the year. My family has collected some classic ornaments, some delightful ones, some pretty tacky ornaments, some that are only beautiful if you know the story behind them. I have several favourites that I hang each year - the tin man, the deer on the iced over pond, the Play-doh boy decorating his Play-doh tree, all of the Snoopy & Woodstock ones (we have 3!) - and it's nice to share those - and others - on the blog.

Okay okay okay, Gogo isn't a Christmas decoration, but he was a good little helper to have around!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas Chloe.

Becky Bedbug said...

Your decorations are all so lovely!


Laila said...

Love that so many of your decorations are crafted by your family, it must hold so many memories decorating the tree each year. Thanks for sharing with us!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas ! :) XXX