Saturday, January 18, 2014

Would you hold it near as it were your own?

I feel like I should let you know that this post will have a lot of photos (come on, LOOK AT THAT SKIRT), too many words (because it's me and my mind is always overflowing), and an obnoxious cat named Little Girl (who's making her very first blog appearance). I got this skirt in the mail today from ANTHOM, one of my lovely sponsors this month. It's also the most beautiful skirt that I've probably ever seen in my whole entire life. It's from a Brooklyn based brand called How Very Dare and I already know what I'm going to be living in this summer. It's very sheer (undies alert!) and I'll need to figure out a good way to wear it when I'm in more formal settings (i.e. the outside world) but whatever. What's wrong with seeing some undies anyways? Just pretend it's a swimsuit. See, not risque anymore. Anyways, bottom line: I'm sleeping in this skirt tonight because it is SO BEAUTIFUL.

My shirt is from Topshop, which is worth mentioning, but don't let it detract from the wonder that is this skirt. Unless if you want to consider that I found this shirt on the sale rack for a few pounds (in London), then it might just almost compare.

Little Girl loves the corner where I was taking these photos and she spent most of her time sitting in a cardboard box screeching at me. She has this scratchy old voice like she's been smoking for the past 40 years and her face always looks like she's smelt something foul. She's about the size and shape of a bowling ball and I absolutely cannot stand her. She's my third cat and I took her in this summer after she lived in my yard for a week and I fell in love with her. However, as soon as she got inside she became a bratty little princess and has spent the last 6 months beating up on my two male cats, Gogo and Peter. Gogo always has dried up blood all over his face (he doesn't have claws & can't defend himself from her) and he also got a nasty bladder infection from the stress of being constantly stalked and harassed. Poor little baby. See why I detest Little Girl so? But dammit, she's so soft. Like a fat screeching, squabbling mink coat that you just want to bury your face into.

Every time I see these photos, I'm like OH MY GAWD that skirt! And then I remember it's mine and am filled with glee.

Now that I've obsessed over this skirt (almost) to my heart's content, and explained some things about Little Girl, I can get into what's really on my mind: re-branding.

Over the past couple of years I've grown to hate my blog name. Urban Tease. It's something I came up with at the age of 15 - and it was something that explained my blog well. It was a teenager's blog, a teen who was exploring her style which was somewhere between being very "urban" and also very much a "tease". (It's less on the tease side these days though this skirt if obvs not a good example.) The past couple of years, I've found myself wanting to write about more than my clothes. And I have. I've given long feminist rants (I made an entire tag for my "soapbox" posts), I've reviewed books, I've interviewed my friends, I've discussed jobs, convictions, religion, family, quarter-life-crises (okay not yet, but it's coming, I swear). As I get closer to "adulthood", I find myself wanting to blog about even more: recipes, home decor, DIYs, professional clothes, working out, etc. but I feel like Urban Tease is no longer the right venue. I feel like I have outgrown Urban Tease in the 5 years that I've been writing it.

And I'm not ashamed of that or anything. In fact, this all feels very healthy. I've loved writing this blog and it's such a stress reliever to be able to get so much off my chest and have people read and respond in very genuine, caring ways. My last post, on religion, was scary to write. I was so nervous about receiving harsh backlash and losing followers, sponsors. But none of that happened. The responses I received were all full of grace and full of love. It made me feel so blessed, and gave me motivation to keep going and exploring new topics.

And so, I have a...I'm not sure...a suggestion...I almost feel like I'm asking permission for this. Maybe I am. Yes, I am. I'm asking permission. I would like to retire Urban Tease and begin writing about this new chapter of my life on a new blog. It would still have a lot of the same Urban Tease-y goodness (outfit posts, my outspoken, opinionated, foolish self) but I'd also like to expand it to so much more. I want to post about what's inspiring me. I want to write about new recipes I'm trying, my workout routine, finding a job. I want to detail moving into my future apartment (when I get a real job, fingers crossed), and talk about buying my first car and taking my subsequent first road trip in that car. There are all of these new topics that I want to take on as I tackle adulthood, but I feel like Urban Tease is no longer the place for it. I look at this blog as a token of my teen years - of high school, of college - and I look at it with great happiness and much humility (and a bit of humiliation), but I feel like I've grown out of Urban Tease. It's bittersweet, but fills me with pride.

In the next few months, with your permission of course, I would like to launch a new blog about tackling adulthood. I don't have a name for it yet as I feel like it's not quite time to make that transition. Maybe I'll title it "Chloe Tackles Adulthood", as that seems most fitting to where I am in life right now. However, there would be no point in beginning a new blog if no one would read it, and so that's part of why I feel like I have to ask permission: Would you, as an individual and beloved, appreciated reader, transition with me to that new blog? And, furthermore, would you be interested in more posts, and more diverse posts? I'm not going to do it without the support of the readers that make my blog much of what it is.

I cannot believe that January is almost over. Tomorrow, my boyfriend gets home. He's been sick lately and spent the past month away, getting better. I've missed him loads - talking to him, seeing him, hanging out with him, doing everything with him. I've been talking to him a little bit in the past couple of weeks and he's already doing much better. I know that there'll be some time before he'll be in the same health as he was, but it will be good to have him back. I'm so lonesome without him - and all of my other friends. So many of them are studying abroad right now, or live too far away for me to visit. Minnesota is really miserable like that in the winter. You have no motivation to go out places to see friends. I'd so much rather stay in and watch movies with my cats, even if it doesn't quite fill that loneliness in me.

With January ending, I'm getting a little anxious about finding a job. My original goal was to have one set up by the second week in February. But, I'm reminding myself that everything will work out in the end. And now that I've gotten the idea of starting a new blog off of my chest, I can feel out the reception of that idea and hopefully start fresh on that project - a bigger, better blog depicting my foray into the endless joys of adulthood.

For now, that's all Little Girl and I have. PBS is airing Some Like It Hot so I'm off to cuddle down with some good snacks and watch the timeless humor of Billy Wilder. Keep warm and please give me feedback about my big new idea xx


Anonymous said...

Love the skirt!! but I find it somehow disturbing how see-through it is. I don't have any problems with see-through shirts though, weird.

sofia said...

um. amazing skirt. AMAZING. must have.

Polina said...

Skirt is gorgeous but yes please get a slip! Lol!
I would definitely follow your new blog - have you considered keeping this blog and just re-naming it? That is another option, and that way you would keep all your followers/sponsors.

Jamie Rose said...

Your rebranding will be great, I know it. I'm excited to see what your blog grows into. Why not expand the topics you write about if that's what you want to do? Go for it!

Also this skirt really is super pretty. Maybe you could wear a half slip underneath it when you have to be seen in public settings? Although I know wearing slips is annoying. Oh well. It's pretty.

Anonymous said...

If you're worried about people seeing your "undies" just don't wear any! ;-)

Anonymous said...

you are so inspiring and real and lovely. I would definitely follow you to your new blog. keep being who you are. youre amazing. cheers.

Anonymous said...

I love the sixth picture where Charlie Chaplin is peeking over the red part of your lovely skirt. I will read any blog you write luv.

~K said...

I think the rebrand will go smoothly and will be great for you because you want it. I will certainly be there to see how it all unfolds :)

Safiya said...

Ahh that skirt is so stunning! And of course I'd still follow you on a new blog. Yours is by far my favourite to read because you speak about so many interesting things and not just clothes and the such.

Erin said...

I've been reading your blog regularly for YEARS since finding it through your lookbook account. I will definitely read a new, adult-Chloe blog! Cheers :)

carrie jade said...

oh chloe! that skirt is just wonderful, and love the top with it. you can always pair with biker shorts or a mini skirt underneath it for the real world!

i don't comment often ( ever) but i keep up with your blog posts and let me just say: no one is reading it because of its name! we're reading because we love you and your posts, so of course we will read your new blog. i've been getting into decor and home-y stuff lately so that would be super fun to see. we're growing up. it's so weird and let's not think about it too hard to freak out.


Hanz Esque said...

Chloe, we'll follow you to the blogging platform at the end of the earth! It has been a great privilege to read you here, as I'm sure it will be to watch your growth elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

There's so much to respond to in this post! Chloe, I adore your blog. Your clothes are amazing, and so is your photography. Especially this skirt, it is so beautiful! But I think the reason that I enjoy your blog more than other fashion blogs is because you write about other impoertant things such as feminism and spirituality, and I love your openness and honesty. So, I'd love to see all of that and more in a new blog! If you feel like it's time for a change you should go for it. I'm at a similar stage of my life (I graduated uni this summer and I'm going in between temp jobs at the moment) and it's all very scary and exciting!

Also, I'm glad your boyfriend is getting better and that you'll get to see him soon, I hope things continue to improve :)


Assata Toni said...

If you remade your blog I would totally follow/read! I've been following you since 09-10' and I've always loved that you didn't only talk about your clothes or whatever you liked in fashion. I think its totally natural that you want to move in a new direction. Can't wait to see what you do next!

Also that skirt is SO gorgeous it is giving me life :*

Marlen said...

aww i love your cat's name, it's so cute. and that skirt is SO pretty, i especially love how you matched it with a striped shirt. the pattern mix works really really well.

and i think it's only natural to a blog evolve into something else after the course of a few years- i mean, our interests aren't static! so if you find yourself being inspired and interested in more topics, you should totally post them here :D

xo marlen
Messages on a Napkin

Priya said...

can we first talk about how creepy that anon comment is? uhhh, gross. the skirt is lovely! I vote some silky or velvet-y leggings underneath for security.

I think I'm a little late commenting on this post (per ush) but I have to say: yours was the first blog I ever started following regularly. Waaay before I ever started my own blog. I always admire your honesty, authenticity, and courage. I will definitely keep reading! I'm looking forward to the new look/name/chapter of your life!

perfectly Priya

Anonymous said...

The skirt as a pool side cover up would be perfect as well as at home or out with a black slip. It would be sad indeed to wear it out as you are posing in it here; might even lead to an accident for some poor soul.