Friday, August 21, 2009

la vie ne vaut rien

Last night my friends and I had an Audrey Hepburn movie marathon/ice cream fiesta. It was ridiculous. Everyone got dressed up like leading men/ladies from the studio era and everyone brought ice cream or some sort of ice cream topping. I was so full, I cannot eat ice cream for a week. Or at least another hour or two. Anyways, there's Nora & I looking like dorks with Audrey & Gregory in Roman Holiday. We hung up sheets and screened the movies from a projector. Classy. We only made it through Roman Holiday, Funny Face, and most of How To Steal a Million, however. We'll have to do it again sometime. I attempted to do my hair like Audrey's in How to Steal a Million and then I dressed like her (navy skirt, navy blazer, black flats, white blouse, white hat). It was ever so chic.
Anyways, since I was all classy & skirt-y yesterday, I decided to dress down in a pair of cut offs today. I'm so excited for autumn that I put on a blazer & over the knee socks, too. The screen/sheets were still up, so I stood on the coffee table & took some photos. I didn't wear this outfit for long enough, though. I made lunch & then decided to go on a bike ride. Anyone who bikes while wearing 4.5" heels is PSYCHO, so I put on some chucks, a navy blue shirt, and some white suspenders. Oh well.
Also, here's the song that this look was named after. It means something along the lines of "A Worthless Life" in English. I usually listen to a version by the rock band D├ęportivo, but this is the original.
Right, well my mum is stomping around being all pissy because one of our stupid cats vomitted on her bed (I really do not like cats). Note to self: check bed before sleeping tonight. And she's bugging me to put away some of my clothes that are lying on my bedroom floor. So I suppose I should go make myself useful and watch a movie. Not sure which one yet, though. Bringing Up Baby? It Happened One Night? War & Peace? By the way, has anyone bought The Sartorialist's new book? It's brilliant! Really great photos, I just wish there was a bit more text because what he has in there is really great to read.


Anonymous said...

the sart's book is out! wow I need it now!

your outfit is great, really cool proportions

the marathon sounds fun, I especially love the dress up idea

- metallic . said...

very pretty blazer!sesse

Anonymous said...

Tartan madness!

love buzz. said...

my boyf just got his hands on a projector. looking at your photo makes me so excited for it to be up & running. <3

Luna Supernova said...

I love your hair and your style. it's fantastic. and that picture with the window and stars in the picture below is severly awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

The whole food related paint saga continues, I picked up a swatch book at my local corporate home decoration store and behold, it was like a a desert menu...I now know my life's goal: To give products food related names! And if I haven't said this enough, I am loving Soren sooooooo much!!!

Alexandra said...

I love your hair!
That's such a great idea having an Audrey movie night...Sounds like it was good with all that icecream too!