Friday, August 28, 2009

wrote our names in capital letters

Summer is so close to ending, it's sad. For me, summer ends on the last day of August - even though classes aren't until the 8th. Summer isn't even my favourite season - Autumn is - so it's weird that I'm so sad. I'll miss the shorts and the skirts, the free time & being alone, riding my bike down empty streets, laughing away the days with my friends.

This outfit was sort of my "farewell to the summer sun" outfit. I skipped the shoes and instead danced around barefoot in my alley. The skirt is from Urban Outfitters, I love that colour (the indigo) and I'm sort of a plaid junkie (if it's done correctly, in a non-dirty-hipster type of fashion). The top has tiny little stars on it. I don't think they really show in the photos.

I'm in the awkward stages of growing my hair out. It's such a huge, huge pain. I really want my bob back, to keep my head warm in the brisk autumn air that's bound to come soon. If anyone has tips, styles, etc. to growing a pixie out, please please please send them my way!

Well, as a continuation from the last post, I'll be doing a Q&A post soon, so if you have any questions (as many as you like & about absolutely anything!) leave them in the comments. Also, if you want to exchange blog links leave that in the comments - I'm looking for some new blogs to read as well as some new readers :)


Lana Hiroko said...

If you wear a hat for a while or wear your hair in a tiny ponytail or pigtails for a while, the next time you let your hair down you will be surprised at how much longer it looks! It helps make the time that passes seem shorter.

GISELLE said...

Stimulating the scalp will help it grow, so use anything that vibrates for a while...personal massagers or even rotating head toothbrushes will help for that. Also, if you use shampoo or conditioner with peppermint in it, it'll wake up the root so to spea and help the growth process. What else...Oh, tugging at it also stimulates the scalp. Like, not intensely pulling, but just tugging a bit. It has the same effect as braiding your hair in that you are pulling it.

Hope I've helped!

Gladys Lopez said...

I love summer because i don't have to suffer through cold temperatures, but autumn is definitely much more fun to experiment with clothes. i will also miss summer, even though i've already started school. it's still very hot in texas. :D

Anonymous said...

what's your favorite color, what's your favorite letter, what's your favorite word, do you play any instruments, if not which have you ever wished you knew how to play, what's your favorite music to listen to when you want to zone out and be a vegetable

Daisy said...

hi, i come from Hong Kong(China)
how tall are you ?
how much do you weigh ?
how much money you spend on clothes every month ?
your favorite shops to buy clothing ?
what kind of phone and wallet do you have ?
what's your favorite brand?

Anonymous said...

I also like autum, but the end of summer just has this nostalgic fell to it.
Beanie hats, straightner, and a milllion kinds of clips are the only things I can think of, for growing out advice.Maybe look at some pictures of Sienna Miller, I heard she did it pretty swiftly.

- metallic . said...

i love fall,
and you photograph very well!
lol, nice outfit.

carrie said...

i adore this outfit! it's super adorable, and the patterns go well together. the stars are small and subtle enough to not clash with the strong blue plaid.

i think when summer ends i'm going to cry :( school starts the same day for meeeee D:

not.clever.enough said...

Chloe, I love this outfit.
I too will miss summer. I started school wednesday and found myself freaking out the first night.

I plan on going thrifting sometime soon to get some basics for the fall and If I do I plan on making my mother take some photographs and I'll do some outfit posts as well.