Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vicodin is my best friend

If your dentist ever suggests that you get your wisdom teeth out, just politely say "no" and then scurry on out of there. That is the best advice I could ever give you. I've become a shut-in, unrecognizable to the outside world. My face has swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe. Who knew that the simple extraction of 4 teeth would cause your eyes to swell up and your nose to flatten out? It's one thing that my neck is fat and my cheeks round and puffy, but my eyes and my nose? Why? Why? However, the pain is doable. I was told by many sources that this would be the worst day of my life. That the pain is equivalent to childbirth. But seriously, it's not that bad. Pop a Vicodin in, eat a bowl of ice cream, and then manage a 5 hour nap thanks to the medication. Somehow I've managed to sleep away...what day is it today? Has it been 4 days? I really don't know.

Either way, I've finally made it on the computer! The medication has made me so sleepy that even surfing the internet or playing The Sims would put me to sleep. I finally got around to editing some photos I took last July though. Below is one of them.

The boy is Alexandre, my exchange student. I've nearly forgotten that he was ever here - it seems like some far off dream, something that never actually occurred. The lake is Lake Superior. It's a very impressive lake because you cannot see anything but water beyond the horizon - much like the ocean. When I was little I used to wonder what was beyond. Turns out, it's just Wisconsin. The water is freezing cold, so swimming is not an option. However, it's very rocky along the shores so you can skip stones and watch the waves crash in. It's very scenic along the Duluth shoreline, which is from where this photo was taken. I loved how these photos went together, even though the subjects are very different.
Anyways, I'm off to take a nap and maybe watch a movie. I'll be updating soon, when I'm back in my proper health, with some recent purchases and some photos of inspiration for fall!
I've started a new blog to post the story I've been writing for a year. Please click above to begin reading it. I'll update frequently, so please bookmark or follow it! I'd love to hear feedback or whatever you can offer. Thanks!


Summer said...

lake superior is beautiful, where in MN are you I'm from E. St. Paul in the suburbs

carrie said...

Oh my, I hope you feel better soon! But hey, at least they'll never trouble you again, right? :D Mine still haven't grown scared aha.

Hey! It's Carrie :) I've actually been stalking this place for a while now and I LOVE it <3 Sorry I haven't commented earlier!

Anonymous said...

I really like your story, and I loved the way it was inspired by real events. I was entralled.I also notcied the part you borrowed from Juno, but I think thats cool because inspiration comes from movies, too.
I don't want the polar bears to die.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know wat you mean I just had a tooth taken out yesterday!!!

carolyn said...

Ohhh man I'm so sorry about the teeth- I had to do that last summer =( I pretty much survived on the tiny star shaped noodles my mom bought. At least they were adorable, if not very nutricious, haha. I will definitely check out your story!

Tayler said...

he is cute! you lucky girl haha