Monday, November 9, 2009

survival of the fittest

Yes, it's true! After a week of moping around the house, doped up on Vicodin, I've finally fully recovered from the horrors of H1N1. Glory is mine! For those who've not been cursed with this plague yet, basically it feels like someone beat you up with a lead pipe (Ms Scarlett, in the ballroom?). But that is over with now, and I can appreciate life in a new light.

And I'll start the appreciation with being named Girl of the Week over at Teen Vogue. This is a huge honour, so I just wanted to say "Why thanks, Teen Vogue!" If you don't usually read their blog, you really ought to. And if you don't usually read their magazine, well then, shame on you.
I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday. I'm thinking I might get the above style, but I'm not sure yet! On the brightside (which I always try to look on), if I leave the above cut unstyled (as face it, probably will happen), I'll roll out of bed looking something like Ms Clara Bow:

Now that's not all bad, is it?


Tayler said...

Love that haircut! congrats on the teenvogue girl of the week. i have always wanted to apply for that, idk if i should. great blog!!

Cassidy said...

i think that haircut would look amazing on you !
congrats on the teen vouge thing , what an honor :D

P.S. i think the rodarte collection will be a success , i saw another preview of a dress in a glamour magazine and it looks amazing {it's SUPER cheap too !}

michelle said...

hey there!
i was just browsing the "teen vogue girl of the week" thing, and i came across your blog from there. ;)
that's a cute hairstyle you have in mind, even if you don't style it, as the 2nd picture shows, hahaha!
i shall visit again! your blog looks pretty. :)

Faux Naif said...

hehe, cue the same comment as everyone else: i just found your blog on teen vogue, and it's such a delight! you look lovely and i adore the picture of you in your header. adorable!

Glen said...

I read about you in Teen Vogue, and i luved it!!! I LUV your haircut and also your fascination about old Hollywood celebreties, and its very impressive!:) i like your blog!

Ellevictoire said...

wow, congrats on being girl of the week! I love your haircut :) and yay congrats that you've recovered! everyone around me is just starting to be sick :S

Diane said...

I love both of these cuts, so it doesn't matter which way you do it! Yay fer new haircuts, it's always so exciting. I'm getting one tomorrow and it's going to be one of those visits where I walk in and say "I don't know what the hell I want so do whatever you damn please to it." Except I'll say it nicely.

And congrats to the Teen Vogue feature! I always love their Girl of the Week picks and they did well to pick you!

Diane said...

Oh, also, I've added you to my blogroll. :)

CH!C $hock said...

wow what an honor to win girl of the week! i saw the picture and i love it!

p.s. how can someone NOT read teenvogue?!

Laura said...

you're 16 & you go to the U of M?! that's awesomeee. i wish i could be done with high school already haha

Janey said...

Yay for beating swineflu. Although I know it must have sucked, i can't help but laugh a little when I hear about someone actually having swineflue. By the way, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I think it's really cool that you actually comment back. Oh and either haircut would look amazingly cool.

Mel said...

Yay congratulations (on both being Teen Vogue Girl of the Week AND beating swine flu)! Hope you're feeling better! I just saw you on Teen Vogue and I love your style! I too love old Hollywood stars! Haha wouldn't we all love that 20s chic bob like Clara Bow?

Maya l'Abeille said...

My friend just got a similar cut (more Louise Brooks-esque)and it looks great.
Go for it.

PSST congrats on Girl of the Week!

Anonymous said...

i followed your blog after i read that on teen vogue

Mimi said...

oh god, swine flu is the worst.

a bunch of the kids at my school have it and it's so freaking contagious. hey but i have an excuse to ditch school now. woot. haha

ooh pixie cut. the shortest length I've gone was for a asymetrical bob last year.

Anonymous said...

congrats on being girl of the week! (: thats so exciting!

& have you seen the movie into the wild? its such a beautiful movie, the shots of alexander supertramp when he's traveling and stuff. i liked the book cause it gave more background, but i liked the movie because it was just so pretty! haha

Chloe said...

saw you on teenVOGUE's blog - congrats!

love the blog, (and i'm definitely thinkin' you should go for the it!) :] congrats on whoopin' h1n1 too! right on.


trina k said...

hey giirl,
saw you featured on teenvogue's myspace!
love your style <3

- trina k