Friday, December 31, 2010

prep school cowboys

New Years Eve post! This is my last hurrah for 2010. I feel like I should do a year end post, but I don't have much to say about 2010. It was amazing. It was one of the best years of my life because so much happened and I grew so much. Mentally. I'm still only 5 feet tall. My hair grew, though. Okay, enough about growing. I've accomplished a lot this year and am a much stronger individual. I have so many hopes and goals for 2011. Fresh start, new adventures, new beginnings, auld lang syne, my friends!

Anyways, these photos were taken on Tuesday & since then it's gotten very warm here and rained a lot. Not so much snow anymore. The new varsity jacket is from Urban Outfitters after-Christmas sale. I found it for $25 - not bad! The pants are probably my new favourites. I bought them a while ago for $5 in the H&M kid's section. I love being able to shop in kids - less expensive, fits better (sometimes), and often times cuter.
The boots are from DSW. They're a brand called Kensie. I'd like some better dressy winter boots. These are cute but not very dressy. My snow boots are cute but very clunky & not dressy. I spent so much money over the holidays though, so I'll probably just buy better winter boots in the end of season sales.

Yeah, hi, a lot of snow. But I'm a snow bunny & there's very few things that I like more than playing in the snow!

I guess this is all for 2010! I'm off to bake cookies, change out of these dirty clothes, and then go to my friend's house to ring in the new year! Happy New Years everyone & I hope 2011 brings even better things!

Monday, December 27, 2010

in Minnesota

I imagine that winter in Minnesota is a lot different than winter in most places. There's snow and bitter cold for months and months, so we spend a lot of time drinking hot chocolate and playing in the snow. And so, that is what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks!

Whaaa hot chocolate with Christmas marshmallows! I went on a huge Target shopping trip in which I spent loads of money. The bag of marshmallows was the cheapest thing I bought, at only $0.99

Cookie making with friends is a must! I spent 3 hours on Christmas Eve frosting & decorating cookies, followed by making fudge, while watching Frosty the Snowman, The Little Drummer Boy, and It's a Wonderful Life!

Decorating the tree took Jingle All the Way, Miracle on 34th Street, and many many Christmas songs! It could either be that we're lazy tree trimmers, or it could be that we have hundreds of ornaments!

I got this dorky sweater from my mum for Christmas! It's great, it has "mockets" (mitten-pockets, as named by Chris Fox).

Sledding!! My boyfriend and I got back together (we missed eachother too much!!). His parents own a lot of property up north so I went sledding down the sand dunes.

The snow is over a foot deep! At some parts it was well over my knees! Climbing up the sledding hill was no treat, and I forgot that there was a pit at the top of the dune, so when I got to the top I fell into thigh deep snow. As you can see, I got very very wet and snowy. But totally worth it!

We also went snowmobiling again. Snowmobiling is one of my boyfriend's favourite things in the world, but I don't like it! I always get really hurt and end up with huge bruises all over.

And all the helmets are too big for my head!

After long days in the snow, the best option is to peel off all your clothes, throw them on the radiator or in the dryer, and snuggle into your pajamas! Ordering pizza and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate is also a great idea. I got my own personal pizza (everyone else wanted Meat Lovers. I did not.) and watched Ernest Saves Christmas! Never again will I watch that.

When I wasn't working, I was usually at the Mall of America for some reason or another (which is funny, because I work at the mall). It's decorated so pretty for the holidays, though. The trees are incredible and have ornaments bigger than my face! Everyday they'd have Christmas concerts - acapella groups, high school bands, choirs, etc. - which was really nice. I ended up watching quite a few.

Moses loves Christmas! He also has gotten into the (bad!) habit of licking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, when the door is down. It's so cute! As long as they aren't clean plates, that is...

I painted my nails for Christmas! I got a trio of ELF nail polishes, just for fun! I love having fun nails but nail polish is so expensive! I figured $3 for some festive nail polish wasn't too bad.

After reading Rebecca's posts about the '60s, featuring photos froom a recent Lisa Eldridge shoot, I've become obsessed with the hair & makeup from that decade. We went ice skating last night and I took that as an opportunity to try a poufy(ish?) half-up 'do.

I think I need more practice.

My boyfriend is so cute. Please tell him that it's not fruity to wear a scarf & that hat!

Ice skating! I'm so bad. I didn't fall at all, but I wasn't exactly speeding along. I was all shaky and my legs and feet ached so badly by the end. Rental skates! I need to find my own pair of figure skates. I want white. Hmmmm.....

This was taken after Mike accidentally dumped his hot chocolate all over my coat & hands!

Happy holidays everyone!! I hope your Christmases were fantastic, and New Years too, if I don't have the opportunity to update before 2011!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

happy christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope the holidays bring peace and friends and good cheer! I've spent the evening singing carols, making fudge, decorating cookies, and watching It's a Wonderful Life. As a last dose of vintage Christmas fun, here's *N Sync singing what is (legitimately) one of my favourite songs of the holiday season:

Photos from fuckyeahclarabow and google

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

finals & excessive amounts of snow

Finals week is approaching, or rather it has approached, and I'm completely stressed in every way possible (I do not recommend going through a huge dramatic break up right before finals - I appreciate your guys' nice comments :3). And so, I'm de-stressing in the most realistic way possible - shopping! After biology lecture today, I ran over to the University of Minnesota store for a pair of mittens. The adult mittens were too big for my baby hands so I scurried on over to the kids section for identical mittens in a smaller size.
I also ran across this sweatshirt, which I really liked. I love kids sized sweatshirts (not hoodies) because they're so cozy and warm without looking bulky. I hate drowning in my clothes, which happens so much because I'm insanely petite!

After I had chosen my sweatshirt and mittens, I turned around and BAM! Socks. How could I help myself? I loved these knee high ones, with the gophers on them. The U of MN has this really ugly footballing gopher for their mascot. I have a million t-shirts with that guy on them. Anyways, knee highs aren't convenient in every situation, so I also went on to pick out a pair of ankle socks. What can I say? I love socks.

As a side note: I am literally wearing a pair of wooly tights, a sweatshirt, and knee high socks. I apologize for this hot mess look (especially the awful slept-on hair). This was my stay-home-and-intend-to-study-but-actually-watch-Dr-Phil-and-eat-ice-cream outfit.

On Friday night, the snow hit. This is the view from the highway on the way to work (don't worry I wasn't driving). Visibility was nearly zero, you couldn't even see the Mall of America, even when you were right up to it. The Mall closed 4 hours early that day, after city buses, hotel shuttles, & taxis quit running. All in all, we got something like 17" of snow and the Vikings metrodome roof fell in.

After work, still in my work uniform, I took my puppy for a walk. I ended up having to carry him through the snow, which varied between knee height and waist deep. At one point I fell down and got covered with snow while holding Moses. He won't let me take him out on winter walks now. Trust shattered.

Now we're suffering from below zero temperatures, however I've found that I'm fully adapted to winter and am hardly even cold in sub-zero temperatures. That said, I wear 3+ layers wherever I go, so that may have something to do with it.

As a last note before I actually do begin my final paper which is due tomorrow, Chris Fox drew this wonderful doodle of me chilling in the waist deep snow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

icicle eyelashes

It's gotten super cold here the past week and we finally have some decent snow on the ground!! In fact, it's been snowing a bit almost every day. I love it. I love Minnesota. And my new boots. I'm super excited for Christmas, as well. I haven't decorated at all yet, or sent out cards, but after finals are done with, hopefully I will be able to cool off and de-stress a bit. Finals are murder!

The past few days have not been so good. My boyfriend broke up with me and so I've just been real upset lately. It's difficult to lose both your boyfriend and your best friend at the same time, and I'm afraid I really screwed up. Hopefully everything will blow over, but my friends have been buying me chocolate and hot chocolate and giving me extra hugs to help out. I think I'll spend the week just watching movies. (:

I really wanted a pair of those tights that are made to look like you're wearing garters. I think they're so cute. But they were not sold anywhere in Minnesota & I'm too cheap to pay for shipping, so instead I just wear real stay ups & garters over my tights. Much more warm for the winter anyways. I'm afraid the trend of those tights, as well as the dotted ones, has come full circle already.

New signature pose? Anyways, I'm going to watch some Christmas movies now, instead of doing evil biology homework. I think I'll watch "Eloise at Christmastime"! Always makes me feel a little happier, a little warmer.