Tuesday, September 20, 2011

my father, the original hipster.

I wore this outfit this weekend when I went a few hours up north for my Great Uncle Basil's 85th Birthday! It's such a blessing everytime I get to see him and his wife, Astrid. They live in the most beautiful little stone house tucked away in a tiny town of 400-some people. Their backyard has a pond & beaver dam and they own several acres of sprawling Minnesota forest. The weather was a bit chilly, so I dressed for autumn! I drew some inspiration from my father circa late '70s, early '80s. I was going through some photos the other day and the autumnal flannel was really getting to me. Add to that, my father is a bell bottoms aficionado.

Ah, the puffy vest on top of flannel. Typical Minnesota classic!

"Nice ride, pops!"

Some pretty cool polaroid for all your hipsters...I know you eat that shit up.

My father is addicted to these fleece headbands so that he won't disrupt the volumious state of his hair.

My dad: the original hipster. Complete with the flannel, worn out jeans, oversized glasses, ironic facial hair, and film camera!

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to keep these jeans. I just bought them the other day, since I recently gave away all my jeans since I couldn't get a single pair over my butt. My father (we should just refer to him as The Bell Bottoms Master, as he did wear them to his wedding) is convinced that they're slightly too long for me. Perhaps some hemming will be in order, as I do like the rise and wash quite a lot, and they were only $20. Bells remind me of Jamie Lee Curtis in the original Halloween, 1987.

Somehow this is the only full-body shot I could find of her, but you get the picture. I'm such a dork for this movie, it's easily one of my favourites & I love the fashion in it! When I was around 8 or 9 my sister told me that Jamie Lee Curtis was born both man & woman. As a young, impressionable girl, I believed her and to this day, can not get that out of my head!

I'm horribly behind on all my homework at the moment. On Sunday I did most of my Tuesday-class homework, only to realise (around 11:30pm) that the next day was Monday & I should've been doing homework for those classes! Then yesterday I came down with the most horrible migraine to the point that I was so nauseous that I went to bed immediately upon getting home from classes & ended up sleeping for 13 hours. So you can imagine, no homework was done last night! Let's see how tonight comes along....!


Jamie Rose said...

I really love the plaid top paired with those bell bottoms. I think the jeans look great on you! This makes me want a red flannel shirt so badly!

two birds said...

you need to keep them, they look amazing on you (just buy some higher heels!!) also, i laughed at your polaroid comment!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Cool! These old photos of your dad are really cool! I think you pulled off the casual 70s style pretty well, I love the colours of the shirt and the jeans on you!
Bell Bottom Master haha! My dad wore them too, but unfortunately the "fancy disco version" with a crease xD

nevena said...

Oh you have to keep those pants, they look amazing on you.

mathilde said...

Your dog is so amazing!

Cassidy said...

Hahaha your dad is awesome. I adore these pictures. Ah, back in the day when digital photography didn't exist. Film definitely gives those photographs a fantastic effect; I especially love the one where he's looking into the distance. So cool.

Xia said...

Those jeans are sooo cute on you! I love the theme of this post--my dad and I always talk about how awesome he used to dress in the 70's(he's always like "SKINNY JEANS!? I wore bellbottoms!")

Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes said...

That's so adorable! My dad was such a funny kid-- he had the long, long mullet-hair, band t's, etc. :)

Libertad said...

You should keep thouse jeans, they're simply gorgeous on you, dear!

And what a lovely trip into your father's pictures, he seems a cool guy!
My father used to have a lon-white tail over his shoulders at the begining of the 90s... here in Spain that was such so indie and new!

by way of... said...

I love how snarky you can be, and still completely adorable at the same time! a girl after my own heart, I tell ya.