Wednesday, October 12, 2011

crawl with me

Finally an outfit post, yeah! Design school is keeping me killer busy. I skipped my 3 classes today in order to stay home and do homework (ok, and watch '90s movies...). When I say homework I mean painting the green value scale, assembling a hue triangle, and sewing two zippers and a skirt waistband. I haven't even finished it all yet! Stress levels are through the roof. I took some time from my painting to run outside and take a few photos, but almost immediately it started pouring rain and hailing!

I've been wearing stuff like this a lot lately. Docs have re-become a wardrobe staple. This cheetah print belt is also popular amongst myself these days (see what I did there? wordplay.) I also love this Prague Pub Crawl t-shirt. I found it on my bed one morning in the hostel. We never went on the *official* pub crawl, but since we did crawl many a pub while in Prague, and since it was my size and didn't smell too bad, I decided to keep it.

For my sewing class I recently completed a pair of super cute aquamarine shorts (which I screwed up the elastic for >__>). Next we're making a little girl's sundress. Both items are going to be donated to an orphanage in Haiti, which is such a cute idea!

I went to the fabric shop yesterday to pick out some fabric for an upcoming skirt project. I also ended up purchasing several yards of other fabrics for not-yet-decided projects which I don't have time for. Hmmm.... Maybe it's still the summer in me, but I don't remember university being such a hardass!

I bought a couple little pin-up girl brooches from Strawberry Fields Jewellery (using money that I don't have, mind you). They were too cute to be true and since I'm a pin up girl at heart, it only seemed appropriate.

Anyways, it's sewing time! Wish me luck. My goal is to get all my homework done tonight, so that I can enjoy tomorrow (when I say enjoy I mean spend my day in class, then tutoring French, then returning home to do more French). p.s. Remember how I keep saying that I have loads of stuff to sell on eBay (including Doc Martens & Cheap Mondays)? Well I swear I'll be getting that up! My life is feeling cluttered and un-organized right now...I need to get this stuff out of it!


*paper* bouquets said...

love the jacket

decimal shoes said...

great jacket :D
I definitely will following you if you follow me :D
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Charlotte. said...

thank you for posting about my brooch, i love the outfit you wore it with!
i'd like to use a couple of your photos in a publicity section on my facebook page, if that's alright with you?
here is the link if you'd like to check it out first;

stuph said...

i love your style!!

Wild Flower said...

I love this look, it reminds me of the pacific northwest, and makes we want to go hiking through the red woods! That pin up girl brooch is fantastic, and you pull it off so well. I hope school gets better, I know it's stressful for me right now too!


Marley said...

I. Love. That. Belt. And the whole outfit, it just looks so comfy! Like to go running around in the woods, or something.


Angelica said...

Wow, you have a very original style!!!!! :)))
Visit my blog and follow it if you want! :)

Jamie Rose said...

This outfit is so awesome. I really love your jacket with the pinup girl pin on it. The pub crawl shirt is awesome too!

molly said...

Your jacket is so cute, and your docs are amazing i love the colour!

Renee Revolution said...

You make me want to wear shorts and tights all the time! Too bad it's against work dress code.

Sounds like your days have been pretty hectic! But I agree, I don't remember things being this crazy. I think everyone is hitting that point in the semester where everything starts to spiral out of control.

Good luck getting all your things accomplished! Or, as you mentioned French, Bonne Chance! (I'm in elementary 1 so I like throwing around french words when I can!)

Anonymous said...

I think I saw you on the bus today. Great boots! I thought it would be less creepy to say "love the blog" online than on a bus where a random person approaching usually means danger. I have wondered how long it would take to see someone in person whose blog I follow. You are the first! Have a good day. Meg

Ria said...

Love your hair and the belt. Such a great look. Making me want a similar jacket. Great lip color as well. Hop you got all your work done.

Ebony Bolt said...

I love your look and I know what you mean when it comes to be busy with school work. I am working on a few skirts and I keep messing up the zipper. Keep up the good work, I'm sure everything will work out fine!

Serendipity Max said...

Great look. I love your shorts and jacket. I also love that your tee has a little story behind it!

Really busy with uni just now too. But I can't do anything till tomorrow so i'm left feeling like I should be doing something more productive but I can't!


FrancescaGatti said...

I'm in love with your belt! xx