Sunday, October 16, 2011

old boy, you've still got it!

The autumn decided to finally come, and come it has! The colour seems to have come and gone within a couple weeks and I was scarcely outside to enjoy it, spending most of my time in class, on the bus, or at work. Autumn is my favourite season to be out in, so it's definitely a bit sad comes winter! I keep forgetting that we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving, I'm already so excited to break out the Christmas decorations! To draw me back to the present...what's everyone being for Halloween?

I wore this outfit on Friday to French class. I bought this sweater a couple of years ago at an annual church sale, where missionaries come back and bring good from the countries they were aiding in. This sweater was made by women in India and it's positively beautiful and cozy. I rarely wear it though because it's too hot to wear for the 70 & above weather and too cold for the 55 or below there's a very small temperature margin in which I can comfortably wear the sweater without layers. I'm sure everyone has articles of clothing like this, especially if you live in a 4-season climate. It's just a pity that it must happen to such a beautiful piece!

I'm really into funky, statement jewelry right now. I mean, I wear my Tinkerbell necklaces to work almost everyday! I'm trying to make myself seem younger while at work in an attempt to ward off creepy men from thinking that I'm legal and therefore fair game. I wish I was still 17...

Anyways, this brooch was given to me as a gift from...I think my mum? [correction: It was from my auntie! Thanks auntie :-) ] It's so silly, I love it. And since the colour palette matched the rest of my outfit, it was the perfect touch. It probably repells men pretty good too, except I can't wear it at work! Oh well!

I should definitely get onto my colour theory homework! I'm going to a dance show at the Ordway theater in St. Paul tonight. It's choreographed by Twyla Tharp and it's all Frank Sinatra music so, ya know, right up my alley.

On a last note, heeeeere's Moses! He's difficult to get in front of the camera anymore. When he was a pup, he'd sit in front of it for hours just making faces and being a goof. Now he runs under the table whenever I pull it out...I think he's afraid of his aging being caught on camera... All I have to say to that is, Old boy, you've still got it!


Ashley said...

LOVE the color of your docs and I'm obsessed with Moses ! I adore pugs SO much !!!! x

Samantha said...

That sweater is adorable, I especially like the color combo with the blue sweater and purple boots :) I am going to be doll for Halloween, are you dressing up or are you past Halloween costume age?

I hope you have a lovely time at the Ordway show tonight!


Marley said...


...sweet color combinations, too ;] bright colors are the bestest during winter.


*paper* bouquets said...

Cute cardigan.

Emily said...

I love your docs and your dog!!
You have a great sense of style ;)

Jamie Rose said...

Moses is awesome! I love him!
Also, the color of that cardigan is so so pretty. And it looks super comfy. I need one like it!

Miia said...

The sweater looks great on you. The colour really suits you. :) Btw I love your hair, I wish that my hair wasn't so straight.

Auntie Linda said...

The pin was from me. :-)