Friday, February 10, 2012

Who's that little guy? "Charlie Chaplin!"

Good afternoon! I finally have a new outfit's been a while, hasn't it been? Boy, I've been busy with school but also trying to balance it with some fun and some money making here and there. This weekend will have me awfully busy but somehow I'm still enjoying myself. I suppose the thought of summer is keeping me going. Summer means staying out late and the sun on my face. Summer brings lovers together again and makes kids out of winter-weary adults. But in the meantime, it's still winter and horribly cold out today. I barely managed any photos today because I was simply uncomfortable and shivering like mad!

This outfit all came together from the bowler hat. I put it on and everything else just fell together. Inspiration came from that funny little guy...the Little Tramp...Charlie Chaplin...that man on my leg! Yes, I got a tattoo....of Sir Chaplin himself!

I got this done on a bit of a whim last month. Ha! That makes me sound like such a flake...I'd been thinking about this tattoo idea for about a year and what I mean by "on a whim" is that I thought I'd do it in a couple years...but I was bored and wanted to do something spontaneous. So I went into the tattoo shop with my best friend (she's the flake, who didn't get one!) and the guy inside drew it up and inked my skin the next week. For lack of more charismatic words, it's fucking awesome. I get loads of compliments on it (and occasionally truck loads of guys rolling down their windows in below freezing weather to ask me if it's real) and I'm still so shocked that it's there! A good way to start out 2012, I think?

For those in the Twin Cities, MN who're wondering where I got it done, it was at 7th Street Tattoo by a boy named Spencer (who's obviously very good at what he does)!

Anyways, so back to this outfit....inspired by Charlie himself! I put the bowler on and from there threw this together. It's sort of reminiscent of this outfit from over two years ago (boy, time flies!) which was also was inspired by Charlie Chaplin, but also Fred Astaire.

In today's outfit, I also incorporated a bow tie and a fitted blazer. To make it more feminine and to not make the clip on bow tie look so odd, I added this double strand which was my grandmother's.

Anyways, that is all! I'm off to a sale with an old friend who I haven't seen since autumn, so that should be fun! I still have some items up for sale (and more to come...if I quit being so lazy!) over at the subsite Buy My Stuff! Keep warm and take care little ones! More soon xx


Jamie Rose said...

The tattoo is so unique! I almost didn't think it was real either when I first saw it. I love this Chaplin-inspired look. The hat is adorable on you and I really enjoy how you clipped the bow tie on your necklace.

Bad Taste Toast said...

You look amazing in this! I love the mix of vintage gentleman via the hat, shirt and bow tie and yourself with the shoes, jewelry and curls :)
The tattoo is awesome, I'm not a pro, but I think this is a really good job and I also love where it is placed. You can still cover it if necessary, or you can walk around in shorts and show it to everyone.
I'm still thinking of getting a tattoo. I've been thinking for years, but I'm such a flake too ;) Maybe I'll get a philosophical quote in English after graduating in Anglistics and Philosphy.

carrie jade said...

love the tattoo, so much! and such a cute outfit to go with it!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Hey, it's me again!

Just wanted to let you know that there is some beautiful lingerie up for grabs in my current giveaway, so if you're interested, this is the link:

Happy Sunday! :)


I borrowed one of your photos for my own blog - a blog about inspiring fashion. I linked it back to you so I hope that's okay! I absolutely adore your style and your whole look (especially the hair - so jealous!).