Tuesday, March 20, 2012

you're smarter than you think

Hello everyone and welcome Spring! Today is the first day of Spring, and it's sure been feeling like it. Okay, okay, I seem to always start my blog post off with the weather. It's the Minnesota in me! Let's skip over that and onto better things, like these shorts! My plan for spring break was to sew the entire time. Of course this, ahem...didn't really happen. I was bedridden (& watching Harry Potter) most of the week and spent my "healthy" bits either at work or chasing the butterflies. Thus, these shorts are the only product of this planned week of sewing. I'm pretty proud of them, though!

The best part of these shorts is that you can fully see Charlie's hat! I have so many shorts that cut just his hat off, which causes some head scratching about whether or not I have a tat of Hitler. I do not! The shorts were pretty simple to make. I had the fabric already, which I had bought at Treadle Yard Goods a couple summers ago. It's a very thick, sturdy fuzzy fabric, almost like courdoroy but not. The shorts only took a yard of fabric - even better! The pattern was an old pattern from the '60s for some very loose, flowy shorts. This purple stuff isn't the right fabric for that of course, so I altered the pattern a bit. Furthermore, the pattern was for a size too big, so I already had to nip it in a bit. All in all, I love the shorts & cannot wait to wear them this summer!

They bring out my inner pin-up! I am also wearing my favourite shirt, my favourite heels (Steve Madden, Raleigh booties), and a bowler hat which I found at H&M for cheap. Hats add so much to outfits. Why don't people wear them more? And I don't mean those cheap pinstripe fedoras...in fact, please don't wear those!

I'm such a bad winker!

Now that spring has sprung, school feels like it should be winding down (but it's not) and so I've started yet another "spring resolution" list. I seem to do this every year when the weather gets nice. Last year my springtime resolution was to start running (Remember that?!) but that didn't go very far, except for a new collection of cute running gear. Working out is still something that I'm trying to cram into my schedule but I have several new spring resolutions. But that's a different matter for a different blog post (wink, wink).

I've checked out My Week with Marilyn to watch tonight, and also have a Design Thinking essay due (guess which will come first?) so I better scurry on. Don't forget that I'm newly registered for Pinterest and am, of course, obsessed! Follow me here and I'd love to check out your boards as well. Toodles xx


Belphoebe said...

Thes photos are beautiful, I LOVE your shorts, and that tattoo is so original! xx

Drew and Rachel said...

since you are a Charlie Chaplin lover:


Anonymous said...

those shorts are awesome! they look great on you.

two birds said...

you look gorgeous! i am impressed with the shorts. they are so versatile, perfect for summer or winter!

Leila said...

Your shorts are gorgeous! Great work, they look so professional. :)

Anonymous said...

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Bad Taste Toast said...

You look so cute and sexy at the same time in this outfit striking these pin-up poses :)
I can't believe you made these shorts yourself, it's such a mystery to me how to figure out the right measurements and all... I can't sew at all, so I always admire people who can.
This whole outfit is amazing, I can see why these shoes are your favourites, they are SO gorgeous!
Also I'm glad you can see Charlie's hat. Who would get Hitler tattooed on their thigh?! My goodness... ;)

Oh and I also want to say thanks for your kind words on my last post, I'm feeling much better now about this situation with my grandma because I had some days to think about everything. I know she is in a better place and doesn't have to suffer anymore.

Wishing you a nice weekend!

Jamie Rose said...

Those shorts are fantastic! You did an amazing job on them. The shape is perfect and I love the color too. I'm also loving all your fun poses in this post. You're so cute!

Fifi said...

These photos are adorable, and the shorts are a sewing project well done

- Fifi

Jana C said...

WHAT a cute skirt. lovely blog :-)