Saturday, May 26, 2012

ordinary people

It's a rainy rainy horrible day out. It's also my first day off all week and I'd had plans to bike all over town running various errands. Plans ruined, instead I'm indoors watching "Freaks & Geeks" re-runs and feeling antsy. I ran outside for a few minutes for photos and as soon as I got back in, it started pouring again.
I bought these jeans last year as I'd found them in the sale section. I really never wear pants, and certainly not jeans. Anyone who reads this blog with any sort of regularity knows this. They're just so uncomfortable and never fit correctly. I've hemmed these, but the gap in the waist to hips is so irritating. I keep these handy for lazy days such as today, but otherwise I'm not much of a fan...
The outfit was inspired by a number of things, all pertaining to the 1970s. I spent the morning chatting with my mum and going through her jewelry boxes. My mum was a major hippie. Let's get that out of the way first. Her wedding dress was something out of the Renaissance Festival, and instead of a veil she wore flowers in her hair. Today I came across a huge Taurus pendant and also her wedding and engagement ring. She and my father had picked them up at an art fair and they're chunky brass rings with some sort of topaz-esque stone set in. Not your typical wedding rings, but yet I was completely unsurprised to find them; Very typical of my flower power mum. After all this, the bell bottoms were essential and my Campus Casuals button down is the perfect psychadelic '70s print.
I'd already been in a bit of a hippie-dippie mood after re-reading 1976's "Ordinary People" by Judith Guest.
I'm such a dork for character studies. I first read this book in 10th grade. I remember that I was the only one participating in the discussions (and was probably the only one who actually read the book cover to cover, word for word). This meant that the classroom discussions were me talking to myself about the dynamic relationships among characters in the book and why they are who they are. It's an astonishingly human look at the complicated and in-depth minds of a family of totally ordinary people. If anyone is looking for a new read, I most certainly recommend this.
I've always been fascinated by character studies. I believe that one of the only reasons I like people are because there's such a variety of them but we connect and relate through these strange behaviours and feelings...which are totally ordinary but you really don't realise it till you notice how many other people are the same way.
I remember I once wrote a story about a boy and one of the things he did was when he'd feel hungry or bored, he'd open the fridge and just stare inside, not really noticing what was there, and then close it and walk away. A number of people read this part and brought it up to me as something they do regularly. It's a totally ordinary behaviour, but it's so simple and seemingly unimportant, why bring it up? I love character studies because they make you so concious of your human-ness.
One of the things I've been doing lately, speaking of ordinary human behaviour, is keeping a journal. I've found myself, being full of thought and feeling but no one to intimately share it with, in desperate need of a place to store these thoughts. So from time to time, I write in my Felix the Cat journal about being single, about how fed up I am with my work place, about how appreciative I am of my friends, about feminism, about things I'd like to do, whatever is on my mind. It feels great, if not a bit lonely, to clear my head. I've found that having less stress makes the day go by faster and a little less miserably. As a teenage girl, everyday is a whirlwind of emotion and it's good to be able to write it down instead of bottling it up.
I think in the past when I've tried journaling, I've made it all date specific, talking about what went on in my day. It was so much going on. In my new phase of journaling, I'm focusing on one specific feeling and writing it all out till I no longer feel so anxious. This doesn't mean that work isn't pissing me off any less or that I don't feel as lonely being single. It just means that I can organise all these emotions and not be quite so overwhelmed with the anxiety of them all.
Hopefully I don't bore everyone with my emotions. Sometimes it's scary when people get too emotional about things, especially when you're an outsider looking in. Yeah this is a "fashion" blog and all, but it's also written by an 18 year old girl, and that doesn't come without a lot of mix up and confusion, unfortunately.
Anyways, hopefully the weather will pick up a be a bit nicer for my day off tomorrow. I work for most of next week unfortunately, so I'd like to enjoy some fresh air and sunlight while I can! Don't forget about the Summer of Sundresses. Email me at with a photo of yourself wearing a sundress, along with your name, location, and favourite summer activity. I look forward to sharing them with everyone!


Nicole Brown said...

Love your jacket!

Bad Taste Toast said...

I love how this post bursts with late 60s and 70s vibes :) The outfit, the novel, the story about your mum.
I can totally relate to not wearing jeans too often, but I think these bell bottom ones look great on you with the shirt! And the colour of the jacket is lovely too!

SafiyaMarie said...

I understand the whole jeans thing, I barely ever wear pants too. I also keep a journal and have done so for a good few years. Though now I'm 18 I don't tend to focus on 'what I did in my day' and instead just write when I need to get things out. Much like you. I find it helps reduce that bottled up feeling but not necessarily stop them. Ahh, I bet I'm boring you now! On another note, I love how your hair is in these :)

silhouette said...

amazing look!!!
love your pants!

Priya said...

Chloe, I've been keeping a journal off and on my whole life but really got consistent in high school. Anytime I'm not feeling motivated to write I just go back and read, it's so funny what you think is important and then totally forget! I can relate about the record vs feelings approach to journaling though. It can be overwhelming to try and keep a record of your life, so I guess I've just done a hybrid, highlight the important things, and then sometimes just write about how I'm feeling. Keep it up, I'm sure you'll look back and be glad you did at this exciting time in life!

Maria said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! You look like a vintage bombshell in this outfit. Your hair is so perfectly curled and ohmygosh, those jeans look like they were made for you. Great blog, I'm going to stick around :)

xx Maria

MuffinCannibal said...

Amazing outfit, I love your jacket *,*
I've followed you ;>


Sassy T said...

Aw don't worry about sharing your emotions, just get it all out. Like yoir style by the way and love the peplum skirt you made.