Monday, May 28, 2012

cuddly toy

Hello friends and welcome to Monday! I had this weekend off from work and yesterday was ridiculously hot, so naturally shorts were a necessity. (When are they not though? Seriously.) I'm in the process of looking for a new job, or at least a second part time gig, and so I biked over to a local art supply store to deliver my resume. This was the best outfit I could think up of to say, "I'm a creative, artsy spirit who understands colour harmony but can also appropriately dress myself for 90 degree weather. Oh hey, I also have a fairly tasteful tattoo and who doesn't love Chaplin!" I also wore my saddle shoes because people lose their minds over them. Of course, after all this, the art shop was closed for the holiday weekend and I nearly suffered heat stroke for nothing.

I've been wearing these shorts constantly, as they're a new summer favourite. Thanks auntie! I like to pretend that I'm Nancy Drew when I wear them, out to solve the next big mystery. Okay, I know that Nancy Drew began back in the 1930s, but I think she'd still find them rather tasteful. Everytime her outfit is mentioned in a book, I get a thrill of excitement over knowing what one of my top favourite feminists is wearing. Yes, I still read Nancy Drew books. I'm not even going to bother defending myself.

I bought this shirt a couple of months ago at a vintage shop near my house called Lula. It was a tad overpriced given that the hem had ripped and was half hand-stitched, but the print was so fantastic...I couldn't pass it up. Not to mention, orange and blue is my favourite colour chord (that vocab is me putting my college education to use!).
I seem to have accidentally started a collection of horse print apparel. I thought the shirt brought a nice late '60s/'70s vibe into the outfit. The shorts are already circa early 1970s and I wanted to keep up the theme! Come to think of it, the belt is probably from the same time. Jeez, I'm such a hipster with all my vintage clothes. I don't know how I sleep at night.
Saddle shoes! People are constantly asking me if these are vintage. As your classic vintage-lovin' hipster, I wish I could say yes...but I actually bought them at Payless for $6. I didn't realise that saddle shoes were so uncommon, but then I realised that these are kid's shoes. They don't tend to make adult-sized saddle shoes (I guess!), so just another pro to having small feet. For those poor souls desperate for saddle shoes, Rookie Mag offers a tutorial to design your own here.
In case you didn't notice, I am at my new photo spot. What's this, second week in a row now? There's a weird kid who lives down the alley from me who seems to just cruise the neighbourhood on his bike. He must be my age or so. Anyways, he rode by while I was being world's biggest fashion dork and just stared at me. Then he dropped his bike, went into his house & came out a minute later eating something suspicious and just staring into the depths of my blogger soul. Now and then we'll pass each other on our bikes in the alley and I always avert eye contact. I suspect a very strange "Rear Window" type of thing about him. (See, those Nancy Drew books have been rubbing off on me!)
Okay okay okay, this is all I have for you. Tomorrow I'm going out for breakfast with a dear friend of mine, but otherwise I'll be spending the next couple weeks having the life sucked out of me at work. But don't worry, I'm a professional optimist!


Anonymous said...

love this look

girlinthelens said...

Cool outfit! I love your shoes :) you've got a really cool style.

My Gaby said...

love the skirt!

Wanna Jean said...

I love your look. It's soo fresh and orginal.


CarrieAnn said...

Your horse patterns/prints are getting me SOO JEALOUS!

Jamie Rose said...

I love this! It's so summery and retro. I really do love those saddle shoes every time you wear them. I want a pair of my own, but sadly I have non-kid-sized feet. It's a shame. You'd think with my height I'd have teeny feet, but no.
I also really love your retro top. It looks perfect with your high-waisted shorts.

Meg! said...

This is the best outfit I've ever seen. Best ever. Ever. You're the best.

alchi yonjen said...

i love your shirt.. and the way you paired it with the shorts is very adorable.:-)