Monday, May 14, 2012

she sells seashells

Hello beautiful friends! I'm in such a good mood today - it's sunny and warm, The Lovin' Spoonful is on the radio, and I spent the morning looking through photos from my Europe trip last summer (and had lots of good laughs over some of them!). I don't know what is better for the soul than sunshine, good music, and great memories. Maybe tropical shirts?
Introducing my newest shirt fresh from the second hand store. I felt like it must've been my lucky day, as I snatched this little guy up for less than $3 (Tommy Bahama, too - aren't their shirts usually about $100?)

I knotted the shirt to increase the "tropical vibes" even though I actually live in the middle of the big city paved with black top and not one tropical flower anywhere. I played up the pink and green tones in the shirt with a pink belt and green faux-jade jewelry from my great aunt.
On top of that, since I don't own any obnoxiously large flower hair pins, I draped a seashell necklace over my head and pinned it in place. A little Flapper-esque? My hair is getting so long, I can actually feel its weight on my back now (definitely a weird's been 3 or 4 years since my hair has been this long)!
This outfit is also giving me vibes of Baby's creepy sister in "Dirty Dancing"... Isn't there a scene where she's singing and wearing a Hawaiian shirt or seashell bra or something? I don't know, maybe the sunshine is going to my head. Or maybe I just need to re-watch "Dirty Dancing." (Yes, I think the second one.)
This weather is getting me so excited for summer and everything that comes with it. In commemoration, I went barefoot (read: I was too lazy to lace up my tennies). My winter-weary feet are used to being bundled up in layers of socks and furry boots. As a result from this brief barefoot alley walking, my feet are cut up and stinging. Time to rub some antiseptic on them and keep beating them up. Summer is here!
Last but not least, my puppy is finally through at the vet (for a few days) and is feeling much better! I'm so happy! I hope that the meds fix him up alright and they can diagnose the issue. Thanks so much for everyone who sent their thoughts over for little Moses. He's thankful for them too but would like to ask that next time you just send biscuits. xx


Haus of Duzniak said...

I hope you are ok, these sounds like terrible times! My mother is in hospital and I have done next to no work for my alevl exams so I can emphathise with thse horrible stress levels you are going through. Keep positive and keep dressing well, you are a beautiful person and are not deserved by the utter idiots who tuned you down.

Leila said...

Cute, cute, cute! I love this summery print. :)

SafiyaMarie said...

Oh i'm glad Moses is ok! I love this outfit and just wish we were sharing your lovely sunshine here in England. Also, re-watching dirty dancing is now on my list of things to do :) great outfit :) x

stuph said...

you're just the cutest. you're looking very summery! :)

glad your puppy is ok.

My Gaby said...

So cute! so beautiful!

Sarah Dee said...

I'm so glad your puppers is ok! You look stunning as usual by the way ;)

<3 Sarah

Don't Think Twice said...

oh, you look beautiful!!! your hair is awesome, and that second hand top is just perfect!!!
I need summer too^^


CarrieAnn said...

When I read your post about Moses I got really scared and sad because I know what its like to be that scared, and anxious and everything in between. I've lost a great dog once, and it was really really hard for me, just because once their gone their gone. I still cry about it, its going to take some time for me, so hug him, take him for walks, and give him all the love you can, I hope he gets better soon!

Christina said...

gosh i adore your blog, just discovered it, im definitely following now, keep in touch xx

Jamie Rose said...

Aw I'm so glad Moses is feeling better! He's so adorable!

Also I have a shirt that is almost identical to your and I'm kind of distraught that I left it at my apartment back at college. Oops. I guess I'll have to retrieve it at some point because you just look so cute in yours I don't think I should go all summer without it!

sefi said...

You look cute and the top is just great.