Friday, June 1, 2012

summer of sundresses! Part One.

Let the Summer of Sundresses begin...!

Carina of Bad Taste Toast | Duesseldorf, Germany | "The dress is from Primark and - although in the pic still styled with tights - is the perfect breezy piece for our hot and humid German summers"

 Sarah of The Antique Pearl | Minnesota, USA | Favourite summer activity: "Thrifting! (Although that's really an all year activity)"

 Lea of Lullaby for Pie | Kentucky, USA | Favourite summer activity: "Running through the sprinklers! and eating popsicles that make my tongue turn a cool color"

 Maria of Avenue M | Australia | Summer is...: "Enjoying lazy days in the warm sun, pressing flowers, reading under shady trees and loving having another excuse to wear girlie, floral dresses!"

 Nicole of NickiChicki | Montogomery, Minnesota | "My favorite summer activity is....just being outside in general! I like to take full advantage of the weather by going to farmer's markets, water parks, outdoor concerts (attending Lollapalooza for the first time this year, whoop, whoop), bike riding, zoos, name it - if it's outside i'm there. :)"

 Preston | Southern Missouri, USA | "My favorite summer activity is gardening. Flower gardening, not vegetables. I'd really like to get into sailing but there's no where to sail in a land locked state."
Priya of Perfectly Priya | Nashville, Tennessee, USA | "My favorite summer activity is bike riding!"

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted their photo! It was so much fun to read through all the stories and get to know many of the people who read my humble little blog. I'd like to keep this up throughout the summer (why end so soon?) so if you have a photo of yourself in your favourite sundress, send it my way at! 


Priya said...

Yay this looks great! Now I have a million ways to style a sundress!

Nicole Brown said...

Hey Chloe thanks so much for including me! Would you mind adding a link to my blog by my name? i totally forgot to add it when i emailed you (too much sun on the brain?). -_-

Blog is nickichicki
address is

Thank again!

Bad Taste Toast said...

Yay, thanks for the feature :) I love the other submissions too, especially the one of Lullaby for Pie and Priya, very cute!

Sarah Dee said...

Thank you so much for having my photo in here! :)


alchi yonjen said...

love all the photos.:-)

alchi yonjen said...

love all the photos.:-)

Jamie Rose said...

This feature is fantastic! Tons of cute sundresses. I tried to remember to send you a picture but I forgot and now I'm sad.